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March 1, 2019

Co-Founders Maryam Rasheed and her husband Abdullah Rasheed recently launched Umi’s Diapers, a disposable 3D leak guard diaper brand, clad in cultural Sankofa prints. The diapers are made with breathable technology, which is great for helping “active babies” stay cool....

January 23, 2019

Photo credit: Founder of Inventrify, Brandon Brooks, Linkedin

There’s a new “kid on the block” in the crowdfunding platform space: Inventrify.

What is “crowdfunding”?

Crowdfunding is a financing method for raising funds. The funds are generally sourced from everyday peopl...

September 3, 2018

Are you looking for alternative ways to raise money for your next project? Here's why a Kickstarter Campaign might be your best strategy. On average 64% of small business owners start with $10,000 or less, and are primarily self-funded. (Source: Intuit 2014)  And a sta...

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