need capital?

Lack of access to capital shouldn't be a roadblock to starting or growing your business.

Lack of capital can be the "pit fall" to growing your business, for some, it's an integral aspect to getting a business started. 

We've decided to help bridge the gap between Venture Capital firms who are looking for minority owned businesses to invest in, and Founders who are seeking to raise capital.

Just 1% of venture back companies are lead by black founders.


Black women today comprise the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, with over 1.5 million businesses

The average amount of funding awarded to black women founders was $36,000 


More than 50 percent of black founders identified by Project Diane received less than $100,000

-Diane Project

A Focus on Solutions

The Future is Diversity and Inclusion

There is a new generation of great  Black and Latinx innovators, leaders, and creatives!


We're bridging the gap between VC Firms who are actively seeking to invest in minority owned businesses and Founders who are looking to raise capital.

Looking for capital? We've created a mini ebook with a list of venture capital firms who invest in minority owned businesses and startups. We've also created an ebook of over 131 grant programs for businesses and startups.

Are you a Venture Capital firm looking for the next innovative, startup to invest in? Contact us regarding our growing list of startups.


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