We're in the business of helping you achieve your business goals! From assistance with creating content for your social media marketing campaigns to providing consultation and direct administrative support for your webinars, online courses and ebooks. Choose a service of your choice and let's collaborate on your next project!






Navigating through social media, the algorithm, and posting times, can be a little "challenging" for business owners, however, we've created the perfect tools to help you get started! Our Social Media Marketing Startup Kit, will help you build an engaging online community, which is necessary to growing your business. The Startup Kit includes

  • 30 day Instagram social media calendar

  • 5 customized posts with your logo

  • up to 50 customized Hash Tags

How to get started?

  1. Choose a platform of choice (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook)

  2. Discuss the content strategy 

  3. Pay for the Social Media Startup Kit

  4. Post

  5. Track results

Ask us about our "Holiday Marketing Special"

*customizable packages and services are available: blog packages, content marketing, social media and more!

Price: $65.00

Did you know that you can create another revenue stream in your business with Online Courses? In fact, you can start an online school and earn a six figure salary from online courses alone! Our founder and CEO , Shavaughn Baker has created several successful online courses and can help you do the same! Our Online Course Services include:

  • Content Strategy for creating profitable, informative courses

  • Sales tips for packaging and selling online courses

  • Sales Funnels to attract customers as well as convert prospects into paying customers for your online course

  • Marketing and promoting your online course.This service is great for entrepreneurs who want to create online courses, webinars, workshops and boot camps!

Price: $199.99

Everyone has a unique skill or talent that they can package and sell. Digital products allows you to do just that! Let's talk about how you can become an authority in your area of expertise while growing your bank account! Digital Products services include:


  • Content Strategy for creating profitable, informative products

  • Sales tips for packaging and selling your digital products

  • Sales Funnels to attract customers as well as convert prospects into paying customers for your online course

  • Marketing and promoting your online course

  • How to convert your knowledge and how to package it, ebooks, ecourses,  webinars, apps ect.

  • We'll discuss the various services available for launching your digital products.

Price: $199.99

Other Services

Each business owner is unique in its own right but also, has its own challenges. Many business owners, both new and seasoned, often struggle with marketing their business. From where to begin with creating social media marketing campaigns, to content development. Our services help business owners, establish a brand identity, build relationships with customers through engagement, while converting prospects into customer. Our services include:

Content Creation

Content is King! Great content keeps your audience’s attention while converting your social followers into paying customers. You have the option to choose to book a brain storming session, with our expert resident, Shavaughn Baker, who will help you craft content for your marketing initiatives or, we can create content for you, on a monthly basis for a fee. We create content for the following:


Blogging is no easy task, especially when you’re juggling so many hats as a business owner. Want to add a blog to your website but don’t have the time to actually write a blog post? Call us! We’ll discuss rate packages, content development, target audience, and branding to ensure that you’re brand’s message are in alignment with your business goals

Social Media Marketing

Listen, social media marketing isn’t as easy as you think! You can’t simply post a picture and expect sales. It just doesn’t work that way. We work with you on creating a marketing strategy that will help you build your online following, convert followers into paying customers, while building a solid online presence.

Email Lists

List building is probably one of the most effective ways to market your business yet, many entrepreneurs aren’t utilizing them in their business. Why? Perhaps because it may be time consuming. Running a business takes up a great deal of time, adding email marketing to the mix is just another task some business owners don’t want to take on.

Others, don’t know where to start, some don’t know the true benefits of an email list so they don’t bother. Email marketing is a “Top of the mind” marketing strategy that helps you stay connected with your customers and convert “on the fence” customers, into paying customers. In fact, with a large enough list, you won’t have to chase customers as often, nor spend money doing so. Want to learn the secret to building a successful list? Content. Let’s take further to start building your email list today!

Already have an email list but aren’t quite sure what to do with it? Contact us today!


Do you have an upcoming workshop and need help putting together workbooks or written material? We can help! Workshops can be a lot of work, however if you can off load some of your tasks such as creating pamphlets, brochures, flyers or mini workbooks, it will make the process much easier!

Online courses

Did you know that you can earn six figures a year, simply from creating online courses? I’ve been using online courses in my business for the last year and a half and it’s helped me build my brand! Having informational courses, readily available for my clients has help them grow their business, and has allowed me to become an authority in my area of expertise. Let’s work on building your online academy today!

Select a service above, email us your option, and let's get to work!


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