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Leading Oakland's new entrepreneurial initiative, of diversity and inclusivity

Jump starting the transformative change of Oakland's underrepresented entrepreneur community

We launched OakSTART in response to the lack of economic diversity and inclusiveness in Oakland. At The Corporate Concierge Group, we aim to change the face of entrepreneurship within the city of Oakland, by creating an empowering, solution based program, including network, that assists in helping black entrepreneurs thrive.


"There has never been more of a time for us to lean on what we know to create an Inclusive Oakland" -Founder of The Corporate Concierge Group Shavaughn Baker


Oakland Population 425,195

The economy of Oakland employs 222,986

Black residents make up 26.1% of residents

Black or African residents are the second largest group living below poverty totaling 25,132

The largest demographic living in poverty are females age 25-34, or 18.9% of the population. Followed by females age 35-44

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Transformative change happens when those who are empowered are enlightened by their purpose

OakSTART is a movement. A movement that will transform the landscape, mindset, and those around us. OakSTART is a community based initiative designed to transform the business landscape of Oakland, CA’s economy. One that is truly reflective of diversity, innovation, talent and skill. We’re looking to enhance, attract and grow our local economy with businesses that can compete on the world’s stage as well as create a sustainable, thriving economy where Oakland is at the top of investor’s lists, when seeking investment opportunities.

The Vision

We aim to bring undiscovered innovation to the forefront of our business community, along with talent to the world’s stage, right here in the city of Oakland, CA.

Our commitment

OakSTART is committed to building an infrastructure that supports economic growth, positive social impact, including generational wealth, for Oakland, CA based entrepreneurs.

The Solution

 We created OakSTART, as both an entrepreneurial hub, and business training program, with the goal of increasing access to educational resources, capital, skills-development and networking building.

OakSTART Academy

OakSTART Academy is an online training program for both aspiring and new underrepresented entrepreneurs in the city of Oakland, CA.  The program is designed to prepare entrepreneurs to start successful, profitable, businesses, with the goal of sustainability. We’re looking to change the business landscape in our city, one that truly represents diversity and inclusion by creating infrastructures that supports our communities.

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Become part of something greater than your products and services. Let’s come together to address social problems and build better communities, while simultaneously building our businesses. We’ll also host in-person business workshops, community related events to discuss policies that affect our business, including popups, business networking events, accountability and monthly master mind groups.

Let’s come together and build a community of business leaders that will combat social issues that plague our city, while preparing local residents to become both employees and entrepreneurs. Together, we can create a workforce made up of talented, educated, entirely from the community.

Membership shall be open to both aspiring entrepreneurs, and those who own their own business or startup.

Rules for membership

Disciplinary Action

A member may be expelled or suspended for soliciting business, services, advice without a written contractual agreement in partnership, exclusively with OakSTART

Disrespectful, egregious accounts of inappropriate behavior, language, and or acts will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic expulsion indefinitely, with no refund.

Fraudulent charge backs, cancellation of payments, and identity theft, will result in a expulsion indefinitely with no refund.

For paid events, courses and activities, we will make two attempts to collect the payment. If after two attempts we are unable to collect fees for payment, your membership will be revoked.

Informational resources, tools, member information, contact information, courses, ebooks, courses, workshop information, may not be shared, copied, distributed, nor recorded. By joining the OakSTART program including the OakSTART Academy courses, you agree that all material, content, information made accessible via The Corporate Concierge Group and the OakSTART program email, website, social platforms, boot camp, in-person events, printed material, are owned, by trademarked, copy write, property of OakSTART.

Vanessa Zamy Your Vision’s Catalyst, LLC

" Hi Shavaughn, thank you for these responses! Definitely great ideas and very organized feedback.  Your actionable ideas will certainly help to inform our timeline and action plan moving forward."


Elise W. Communal Creativity

"I just finished the Validating Your Business idea module and you shared so much great insight. 

I look forward to learning more in the rest of the course. 

Thanks a bunch!"

 Alexander T.C. Kin Connector

“Shavaughn, the courses are bomb and have already given me a great angle to getting this business off the ground.”

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