Your revenue earning potential will double, as 203K Consultant! Want to learn how? Grab the “How to Start a Successful 203K Consulting Business” guide. A complete, detailed, workbook that breaks down business planning and development, along with marketing strategies that will increase your income and help you grow your business. This workbook includes:

  • Step by step guide to creating a business plan that will jump start your career

  • Learn the secrets to building key relationships with general contractors, real estate agents, loan officers, and home buyers

  • How to build your brand as an industry expert

  • How to create both online and offline marketing strategies that turn potential clients, into paying customers

  • How to set up email marketing campaigns that will maximize your marketing efforts

  • 25 ways to grow your brand using Instagram

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Our philosophy is simple: We wanted to create realistic tools with real strategies that entrepreneurs could easily implement into their business.

launching your very own apparel line is easier to achieve than you think these days. Having your own sports brand as a Personal trainer, Yoga instructor, or Pilates instructor is the perfect way to expand your brand, outside of traditional workouts and sessions, while earning additional income.  Grab The Fitness Apparel Vendor List which includes:


  • Tips on how to search wholesale suppliers

  • When to use drop shipping in your business

  • Learn how and why a drop shipping strategy can help you scale your business quickly!

  • The Fitness Wholesale Vendor list includes over 50 top apparel manufacturers both domestic and international.


Hosting Webinars and online events are a great way to generate leads, increase your sells and revenue. Webinars are great for hosting live trainings, workshops and boot camps! Start packaging your expertise today using webinars while earning the salary you desire! Are you ready to create your first webinar? Grab the “Create & Sell: The Bankable Webinar Guide” for $8.99 

You will learn

  • How to create invaluable content for your audience

  • How to market your webinar to your audience

  • How to use social media to market your webinar before and after it’s over

  • Webinar tools that will help you create fun, interactive, live events

  • A complete list of the top performing webinar service providers


Still trying to figure out how to use email marketing into your marketing strategy? Want to know what are the true benefits of email marketing? This 25 page mini ebook provides online retailers with tips on how to create promotional emails, campaigns that increase sales, revenue, drive web and in store traffic. $8.99


Are you looking to embark on a career in the Health & Wellness industry? Our mini ebook, will help new entrepreneurs clearly define their business goals, the proper approach to take to achieve success towards building a successful business. The Health & Wellness ebook also includes an action plan of attack to help you outline and crush your business goals! $8.99


Customer Testimonial 

"Hi Shavaughn! I went over the information & I must say, you really gave me the layout in order for me to be successful with entrepreneurship in the hair care industry"

-C. Gaitlin

Finding success in the hair care industry is very much about finding a niche. With millions of women ditching chemically processed hair, to wearing their natural tresses, there's a growing need to produce hair care products that works best for all hair types. The Natural Hair Care Guide will walk you through the process of launching your hair care brand. $8.99


Are you looking for ways to increase your jewelry line’s brand visibility? Perhaps you want to learn how to create a beautifully designed website while on a “shoe string” budget. This mini ebook will cover how to increase you brand visibility to drive sales and tips for designing your website.$8.99


There are millions of dollars grant money for Small Businesses and Startups including, scientific and medical research, community, environmental and educational programs. Download your free copy! Simply email us your request for a copy of the 131 Ways to Fund Your Small Business and Startup!


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