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Image: You Tube Website

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, YouTube has become one of the world’s most popular Video Hosting Services of our generation. Founded in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, 3 former PayPal employees. The site allows users to create, upload and share videos. YouTube generates about 15 billion visitors per month.

Since its inception, YouTube has Launchpad the careers of pop stars to gamers who have landed on Forbes highest paid list. With the likes of KSI, a teenaged EA Sports aficionado. His channel has 1.9 billion total views with 10.9 million total subscribers. Porta Dos Fundos “back door”, is a comedy sensation on YouTube. A 5-person group of comedians, their channel has 1.9 billion total views, with 10.5 million total subscribers. Beauty Vloggers Nitraa B has certainly made a name for herself with her fast-growing subscriber list of 583,703 with 19 million views and counting, along with Jenny Jenkins who hails from the UK, her total subscribers have reached 579, 889 with close to 22 million views on her channel.

YouTube has taken their service to another level by offering a new way to engage with Channel subscribers and viewers. The brand new Community Tab allows users to like text, videos, images, animated GIFs. The new feature launched on September 13, 2016 and is now in the beta phase. You can engage with your viewers in between uploads. Subscribers can opt to turn notification alerts on for their favorite your tuber’s channels. Select content creators are testing the new Community Tab out on their channels before the feature is made available to all You tubers.

Once the Community Tab launches, I see a huge advantage here over platforms like Periscope which allows users to record and post content for up to 24 hours before being deleted. With YouTube and its new Community Tab, you’ll be able to host workshops, boot camps, and mini-information series, while live texting in real time. Viewers will be able to review any past recordings at any time. It sounds like a great way for content creators to promote their brands while staying connected to their viewers.

Shavaughn Baker, CEO

The Corporate Concierge Group

Coaching, Consulting, Lifestyle Management, Event Services

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Follow: Twitter @shavaughnceo @theconcorgroup Instagram @thecorporateconciergegeroup

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