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Why your email subscriber list is more powerful than you think

Have you ever wondered why practically everywhere you turn to on social media or even your favorite websites that you visit, you’re asked to subscribe to a newsletter? Staying connected to your customers helps to build rapport. It’s another way to engage with your customers, and an email list can be used as a sales funnel. Almost 50% of consumers want to hear from their companies on a weekly basis regarding promotions. ?

Your email list is a “Top of the Mind Conscience” marketing strategy where your business is always on the minds of customers. For example, newsletters help you build a mailing list of customers that you can market to consistently. You don’t have to chase your target audience or look for your next customer once you have a large enough subscriber list. You can also use the list to help you find new customers by asking your subscribers to refer their friends and family. There are multiple ways to grow a mailing list:

  • By offering E Courses

  • Free Ebooks

  • A fun 7 day challenge that helps small businesses grow their online community

  • Through your website

Think strategy. What are you trying to accomplish with your list? Who is your target audience? What type of information could you provide to your audience that would make them want to tune in on a weekly basis? Pay attention to your audience. Read the comments on your social media platforms, ask for feedback from your following and build your campaign from there.

Get creative with your email marketing campaigns! For example, send out weekly motivational quotes, meal plans, veggies of the week, cardio tip of the week or send out one small business tip of the week.

Here is a list of email marketing services to choose from to start your email marketing campaigns

Mail Chimp

Constant Contact


Convert Kit

Get Response

Campaign Monitor

Active Campaign

Building an email list through email marketing will help you grow your business and reach a larger audience on a consistent basis.

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