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Protect your peace

Seriously, the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to have peace in my life. Toxic environments and thought processes all have an effect on how you feel about yourself and how you communicate with others. It can literally drain you emotionally and physically. People often project how they feel about themselves onto others. Often times you can't avoid toxic people because they're in our work environments, they're our friends and family members.

Today, I'd like for you to focus on your environment. Are you around supportive people, or negative people? Remember energy is transferable. The more you stay in and around toxicity the more you become it. You can essentially eliminate the negativity by surrounding yourself with positive people.

If you must interact with negative or judgmental folks, understand that you don't have to take on their energy more importantly, what they're going through has NOTHING to do with you.

Also, check your thoughts. What are you saying about yourself? Those around you? Be mindful of the energy you receive as well as what you put out. Morning and daily affirmations, mantras, bible scriptures and favorite quotes can help you control your negative thoughts and teach you how to deal with negative energy when it comes your way.

How do you protect your peace? Have you recently had to remove yourself from a toxic environment?

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