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The true cost of delegation

  • Check emails

  • Answer phones

  • Check inventory

  • Respond to email

  • Scan invoices

  • Index files

  • Create content for social media accounts

  • Pick up kids at 2:00pm......Sounds familiar right?

How do entrepreneurs, especially new business owners, get it all done? There's so much on your plate with juggling multiple tasks that at times it becomes overwhelming. There are those of us who would rather do everything ourselves, and those who believe that they can't afford to hire help. The truth is, you really can't afford not to.

Delegating your daily tasks allows you to be more productive, and successful in business. We can reach the levels of success in business when we have a team behind us. Even if it's just an assistant. Having the additional help in your business gives you time to focus on what matters the most, thus creating "balance".

Not sure where to start with delegating your to-do list? Start by answering these questions: How would I like to spend my days? What do I need help with? What can I truly part ways with? What am I looking for in an assistant? Staff?

Write a list of everything you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. After reviewing the list, decide which tasks you’ll take on and what tasks you're willing to delegate either to your team or an assistant. There's no shame in asking for help. In addition to that, there are affordable options such as Virtual Assistants, that are more than qualified and capable of helping you with your business needs.

The idea is to work “smart” not hard. Even if you must forgo a portion of your salary (I know that's a hard pill to swallow) to get the help you need, it’s best to invest in a good assistant than to keep struggling with balancing more than you have to. Eventually, the investment will pay off.

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