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10 Part time home businesses you can start without quitting your job

Quitting your job isn't always necessary to earn additional income nor pursue your passions. Perhaps you love your job but have passions outside of your career that you want to pursue. Maybe you’re that person who needs additional income but can’t seem to figure out what to do to about it. Whether you’re “cash strapped” or you want to turn you “passion into profit” here’s how you can do so without quitting your job.

How do I choose a business idea? Look within. Do an “inventory” of your strengths. Build a business concept from there. If you still need a few ideas to choose from, here’s a list:


One of the great things about consulting is you can essentially create a career centered around your talents and skill set. Hone in on your skills and build upon them to create your ideal position. Find out what the need is for your type of skill set in the industry you desire to work in. If you’re currently working, I’d recommend reaching out to the consultants within your organization to get more insight on the role of a consultant. The idea is to get as much feedback as possible to help you jump start your consulting business.

Travel Consultancy

Did you know that in most states across the U.S. a Travel Agent Certification isn’t required to operate a travel business? If your state requires a business license to operate a business, then you must apply for a business license and that’s it. “Right now, tourism is a $852-billion industry around the world" GO2HR.CA. Turn your passion for travel into a career that you love! For more information about travel consultancy click here.

Marketing Consultant

If you love marketing, especially social media marketing, then a marketing consultant positon maybe the perfect fit! Find a niche, and build your business as an expert in your field. For example, Small Business Marketing, Food Truck Marketing expert or a Marketing Expert who specializes in the beauty industry. Many food truck business owners know a thing or two about food but marketing may not be their strong point. Some business owners don’t have the time to put into marketing their businesses. That’s where you come in at!

Pet Sitter

Let’s face it, dogs and cats are like children to most people! The idea of leaving your pooch at home by himself can sometimes feel uneasy. Did you know that U.S. pet owners spent $62.75 Billion on pet expenditures in 2016? $5.73 Billion alone accounted for Pet Services such as grooming and boarding. People are spending more time in their careers and traveling the world. A Pet Sitter is a must! Think about expanding into the Pet Industry.


Ugh! Clutter everywhere with no time or patience to organize it! If you’re OCD this might be your calling! Help people get organized and stay organized in their homes. Clutter has been known to increase stress. You can extend your services to residential homes and office spaces. Organizers typically charge by the hour. Imagine earning $450.00 for 4 hours of work in one weekend, just from organizing someone’s closet space?

Life Coach

Life Coaching has become a very popular career choice. People are more inclined to live better lives today than about 10 years ago. Life changing experiences has encouraged people to want more for themselves and their loved ones. If you love helping people, and have a passion for motivating them to become better versions of themselves, choose a career as a Life Coach. Start off by writing a blog, tips on how to de-stress, forgive, to live the life that one may seek. Create EBOOKS of your content using services such as Canva and Blurb Books.

Makeup Artist

The makeup industry is BOOMING right now thanks to makeup artists and YouTube bloggers! Artists like Amrezy and Makeup by Shayla have now become household names with their own makeup brands. Cosmetic lines such as Anastasia Beverly Hills have collaborated with both women on eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and high lighters. Start your career as a makeup artist today! You never know where your talents may take you. Having a cosmetology license may be required however many artists are “self-taught” with no formal training. Although, I don’t recommend that you begin a business without having a certification, I also understand that one isn’t necessary to have a successful business.

Selling T-Shirts on TeeSpring

Have you ever heard a slogan that you felt should be coined and printed on a t shirt? Well, Tee Spring has made it possible for business owners to build an empire from selling t-shirts. Tee Spring has claimed to have made its customers $100,000 in annual earnings from t-shirts printed using their services. I mean, I know I told you earlier that the article was about starting a part time business however, $100,000 a year may make you want to quit your day job! Perhaps Teespring Co-Founders Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams may be the answer to your financial prayers!

Virtual Assistant

The great thing about Virtual Assistants is that they work from home. This is one of the most unique, flexible positions you can ever have. You can make a decent salary on the side without quitting your day job and network with business owners. This will help you build your network in case you decide to leave your day job and work as a Virtual Assistant full-time. Virtual Assistants performs various tasks including but not limited to administrative work, answering phones and emails, project based tasks, social media management and more!

Home based Chef

I love the “home based chef” trend! While, it may be considered a “trend” to most people, many of us grew up in a time where people were “selling dinners” for centuries as a way to make additional income. Today’s Home Based Chefs are building a household name for themselves like Spank from Traphouse Kitchen in Los Angeles and Edward Wooley also known as “Chef Smelly”, an Oakland Based home chef turned caterer. Start off by making meals that you know you can make within a certain time frame and based on your work schedule. Market your meals, menus, hours of operation, delivery times, ordering process on your website and social media accounts. I’d suggest starting off by making meals for the weekend, then build up to making meals during the week.

Once you’ve come up with a business idea, the next step is to create a business plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a business full-time or part-time, you must prepare, plan and then execute your vision. For help with writing a business plan click here. Include the following information into your business plan:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • How will you market to your audience?

  • What products and services will you offer?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What are competitors offering? What is their pricing?

  • How much will you sell your products for?

  • Budget Summary

  • Financial Summary

  • Marketing Plan

  • Manufacturing Costs (include shipping)

  • Schedule when you’ll be able to market and operate your business

Next, put your plan into action. Purchase all of the essentials needed to start your business. For example:

  • Business License

  • Permits

  • Business Structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, LP)

  • Tax ID Number

  • Business Checking Account

  • Website

  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Business Cards

Market your services on social media. Email friends and family about your new business venture. Network with your potential clients through Linkedin, networking events, luncheons or local associations. To learn more about starting a part time business, grab your copy of the “Side Biz Guide to starting a profitable successful business”.

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