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So you've closed the deal? Now what?

You've closed the deal, now what? Now it's time to leave a lasting impression on your clients while displaying high level quality of service. Create a "Post Closing Kit" for your customers. It's a great way to "thank" them for their business and rather inexpensive to create. Here a few ideas to include in your kit:

Are you a baker? Here's your opportunity to show off your baking skills and possibly win a lifetime customer with your chocolate chip cookie recipe . Presentation is key. Wrap your cookies in a hand made woven basket (craft stores sell them for about $2.99 per basket), attach a bow, with a nice little note inside of the basket. To get a little more creative with your basket you can Include the recipe and a few baking supplies. Use Canva for creating beautifully designed recipe templates.

Welcome Home Kit Fill your Welcome Home kit with cleaning supplies, place mats, napkins, snacks, wine, cheese, or crackers.

The Homeowner guide to upkeep and maintenance. Many of you work with home inspectors and general contractors, collaborate with your referral partners to create a mini check list of items that require maintenance and upkeep. Another option for the kit is a guide for DIY home projects, landscaping, chimney/fireplace maintenance.

Welcome to the Neighborhood This may require a little bit more work but create a mini "cheat sheet", ebook, or list of neighborhood bars, restaurants, schools, yoga studios and more!

Post Closing Kit's a great way to brand yourself as Real Estate Agent or a Mortgage Loan Officer especially with a well thought out, helpful kit. If you decide to start creating post closing kits tell us how they're working for you in the comments section below!

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