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What to do when you don't know what to blog about?

"I've hit a road block in my creative flow, now I'm stuck". It happens to all of us. You get a rhythm going and crank out tons of content! Next thing you know, you've run out of ideas. Well, here's 6 ways to help you get your "creative juices flowing"!

REPURPOSE YOUR CONTENT No you aren't re posting the "same information" over again. You're simply giving it a "face lift". Take a look at your previously written content and update it with statistical information, any new ideas, or facts you may have left out of the original blog.

GOOGLE TRENDS I love Google Trends for the simple fact that, not only can you use it to find trending topics, you can also use it to find statistical information for marketing purposes. For example, topics related to football, includes where the readers are located by city and state. You can even research what Podcasts are trending and how many men and women are tuning into the Podcast.

PLAIN OLD GOOGLE SEARCH Seems like a "no brainer" right? Well when you don't know where to start, start with a Google search of the topics you wish to discuss. Research articles related to your topics to find inspiration. Ummm...we are not encouraging you to rip off someone else's work but to simply read the article and get inspired to write your own.

PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS This should be relatively easy! Everyone wants to be the "first" at something. Everyday a new innovative tool is introduced to the market. Research the top 5 new apps or productivity tools. Even if it's not related to your business you can still blog about innovation, productivity and creativity then tie that information into your brand's message. For example, if you're a Social Media management firm, blogging about the latest productivity tools is still in line with your brand's message. Most Social Media Management firms were created on the simple notion of freeing up their clients time by handling their social media branding and marketing needs.

FAVORITE BOOKS We all love a good book! Provide a list of your favorite books that may be useful to your readers. Haven't read any good books lately ? Google it! Compile a list of books based on health, wealth, mind, body and fitness. Heck, you can even surf the web for the best selling author's list of the week.


One way to relate and connect with your audience is to write about something personal on your blog. Write about a "revelation" you may have had regarding life, or a piece of advice someone recently gave you.

What's your favorite tips for creating content for your blog? Comment below

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