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How to properly use a "Call to Action"

“Click the link in the bio to learn how to make $10,000 from your first online boot camp”. Oh how I wish that were true for me! Notice how that title captured your attention? The idea of making $10,000 creating and or selling anything is quite tempting to hit a “follow button” or pay for the information to make $10,000.00.

In marketing, a “Call to Action” is included in your ad, email, or social media post, to prompt your target audience to do something. It’s about understanding your end goal, creating a marketing strategy to execute that goal.

Why do I need to use a "Call to Action"?

We can't always assume that our customers or potential clients will automatically know what to do when they visit our website or come across our social media accounts. A "Call to Action", prompts your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, or purchase a product from your website.

How do I use a "Call to Action"?

If you own an online boutique, start your “Call to Action” with, “read more on the blog to see the latest spring collection”. Do you have information to give to your audience? Start your “Call to Action” with “Sign up here to receive the full report”. Here are powerful “Call to Action” phrases

Download now

  1. Click here

  2. Join Now

  3. Download here

  4. Start now

  5. Click here for details

  6. We urge you to…

  7. Start now

  8. Click here for details

  9. Get a free…

  10. Talk to an expert

  11. Immediate download

  12. While supplies last

  13. Money back guarantee

  14. Get it now!

  15. Act Now

  16. Act Quickly

  17. Free Shipping

  18. Free Gift

  19. Shipping discount

  20. Come in for a free consultation

  21. Stop by our store today

  22. Instore discount only

  23. Reserve your spot today

  24. Come in today

  25. Start your trial

  26. Start your free trial

  27. Start your 30 day trial

  28. Offer expires

  29. We’d like to hear from you

  30. Can’t wait to hear from you

  31. Limited available seats

  32. Limited availability

  33. Limited time offer

  34. Best value

  35. For more details call…

  36. Please don’t hesitate to call

  37. Apply here

  38. Tells us what you think

  39. Take our quiz

  40. Sign up on our website

  41. Members only

  42. Subscribe today

  43. Contact us

  44. Get started today

  45. Talk to an expert

  46. In a hurry, call or email…

  47. Top rated

  48. Add to cart

  49. Schedule an appointment now

  50. How are we doing

When do I use a "Call to Action"?

Depending on your end goal, a "Call to Action" can be used in many ways. For example:

Selling items on your website: Use a "Call to Action" to get customers to buy your products, with the phrase "Buy Now".

Sign up for a webinar: "Click the link to reserve your seat for next month's Instagram training"

Save money: "Use code SAVEME20, at checkout to save 20% on your purchase".

Creating a "Call to Action" essentially, prompts your customers to respond and or reply to a specific command. Either to purchase a product, click a button, register for a class or follow you on a social media platform. Do you have any “Call to Action” catch phrases that you use? Share your tips for creating a "Call to Action" catch phrase!

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