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10 Business ideas that cater to your “furry” family members

We treat them like family members, rather than simply as pets. Yes, our “furry” friends, cats, dogs, horses you name it, mean more to us than actual humans. So what if you can turn your passion for animals into a profitable, successful business? Take Jas Laverette. Born in New York, raised in Oakland, Ca. He is the founder of Cali K9, one of California’s premiere canine behavior institutes. His work with animals includes puppy training, socialization, aggressive dog rehabilitation, working dog and dog sport training. With clientele such as Vernon Davis and Steph Curry, this Bay Area trainer has certainly found his niche and so can you!

In 1994, the APPA proclaimed that, Americans spent $17 billion on their pets. By 2016, that spending nearly quadrupled to an estimated $62.75 billion, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down. In fact, by 2020, the pet industry could hit $96 billion in sales. Here are 10 business ideas for you animal lovers that will combine your love for animals and your entrepreneurial aspirations, into a full time business or a side hustle:

Pet food baker

Did you know that pet owners spent $23.05 billion dollars in 2017 on pet food alone? Grabs apron, food ingredients, and start making doggie treats!

No seriously, create your own natural pet food products. Pet parents are opting to purchase natural products for themselves, as well as their animals, in an effort to maintain and/or improve the health and well-being of their beloved companion animals.

Launch your own holistic grooming products line

This is a great idea for those of you who make handmade natural products. Here’s a way for you to increase your revenue by adding a “pet friendly” product line. Product safety is a priority for many pet owners, and holistic products seem to be more trusted than those that are massed produced.

Pet toys

Products for pets are made for younger pets but did you know that most items on the market today, do not cater to older dogs? Toys made with natural fibers, are easier for aging dogs to pick up, as they tend to be lighter and less wear and tear on their teeth.

Pet Services

Two words: $5.41 billion. This includes walking, sitting, training, grooming and boarding. So the next time you see a guy walking down the street with 10 dogs, remember, dog walking is included in that $5.41 billion dollar industry.

Pet Health Care Agency

The health industry has included our furry pets in health care coverage. You may be able to place your pets under your company’s health insurance plan, if not, you can obtain health insurance for them. The U.S. pet insurance industry is seeing an increasing trend for cats, dogs and other domesticated animals. By the end of 2014, around 1.4 million pets in the U.S. and Canada were covered by a health insurance plan. According to Consumer Reports, pet insurance is among the fastest growing optional employee benefits, which means the number of insured pets is ready to skyrocket. Here’s 5 reasons why you should start selling health care insurance:

  • The #1 reason pet owners buy pet insurance is that they, “Want to make decisions about my pet’s health care without worrying about whether or not I could afford the procedure.”

  • 91% of U.S. pet parents consider their pets to be family members and 81% consider their pets as equal members of the family

  • 50% of pet insurance policyholders file a claim each year

  • 35% of pet insurance claims are for chronic conditions (ongoing issues with recurring vet bills)

  • Less than 1% of pet parents have pet insurance even though healthcare costs are increasing faster than human healthcare

In-Home Cleaner

Pet dander, hair, and even spills, can be a hassle to clean up, especially for busy, on the go professionals. If you currently own a cleaning service, add “pet cleaning”, which caters to clients who own pets.

Interior Pet Designer

How many of you love watching your favorite HGTV home renovation series? My favorite show is House Hunters including the Renovation series, as well as International House Hunters. Imaging owning a business that specifically caters to pets. Get your creative juices flowing by designing, bedding, pet spaces/rooms for pets. Include, indoor cat retreats, and “puppy lounges”. Most pet parents hate keeping their animals locked up in a cage all day. A solution that may resolve their anxiety is by creating a “pet friendly”, comfortable space that doesn’t include, keeping them locked in the cage, while the owners are gone for the day.

Pet travel Service Provider

Similar to transporting goods across city or state lines, call a moving service for your pet. Instead of locking pets in a cage, or keeping a dog in the back seat of your car, clients can contact a professional Pet Travel Service provider that provides a comfortable transportation service.

Collar designer

Who doesn’t like a little “bling” around their necks? Some of your favorite rappers have diamond, encrusted chains and rings that can blind you from a mile away! Your furry friends can rock “ice” just like their owners. Design fun, cool collars for pets. From girly, to chic, to an owner’s favorite sports team.

Pet Manicurist

Pet owners can save the trouble of manicuring their pet’s nails by hiring a professional. You can even include door-to-door service as a niche for your business.

With so many pet related business ideas, you’re bound to land on something that can be both profitable and successful. Need tips with business planning, development and marketing? Send us a message via the Contact tab. We’ll help you get started on your business in as little as 30 days.

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