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15 Black Graphic Designers you should know about

Graphic Designers conceptualize your ideas and execute them effectively through design. Graphic design is an essential tool used to communicate through text, pictures, advertisements, magazines, or books. The object is to tap into your audiences emotions, by way of design.

Design connects people emotionally. For brands it’s important to understand your customer’s behavior as well as your overall business goal, then figure out a way to “marry” the two. This can be accomplished through a logo, illustrations, website, text used in your advertisements, products, and marketing material.

We searched high and low, looking for the top black graphic designers to hire for your next design project! Here’s 15 for you to choose from.

Mekhi Baldwin serves both as a Founder and Art Director of a creative studio. His portfolio includes branding, editorial design and illustration. Working with corporations and non-profits such as Black Lives Matter, EBay, The North Face, Jan Sport, and Asian Americans for Community Involvement.

Tina aka “The Visual Problem Solver” Marshall, does it all. Crafting party invitations on her Etsy Shop, The Paper Goldfish, to creating logos, brand design, brand strategy, print collateral and packaging design.

Akinyi is the true definition of “black girl magic”. A self-taught graphic designer with an eye for illustration and animation. As a self-taught designer, one of her biggest strengths is her outstanding eye for quality design, and visual imagery. Are you working on a game, TV Series, website, movie? Holla at ya girl Akinyi!

Visual Design/Graphic design extraordinaire, with the ability to lead your brand’s art direction. Osazee’s portfolio includes, visionary advertising, marketing, user interface and experience, along with spear heading digital campaigns for high-profile brands.

Modern Calligraphy and Graphic Designer, Shauna Harper, has a dope “pen game”, with a unique flare for graphic design! Harper can handle just about any general design task, image creation for your products, website and other branding needs.

What can we say about Kris? She can conceptualize and produce creative, visually appealing packaging and branding products for brands, but add her own personal touch. Kris is an excellent go-to for brands who are looking to maintain strategic and consistent visual representation within their respective industries.

Jermain T. Bell hails out of Baltimore. This entrepreneur, community activist, art curator and yes, Visual Designer, has an impressive background including portfolio. I’m amazed at how Bell incorporates his passion for the community as well as his love for Graphic Design to spearhead projects which include, a social entrepreneur initiative for The Red Bull Amaphiko Academy. A 10 day launch pad for social entrepreneurs, which allows them to connect with the global community. Bell’s work also includes sitting on the board as Programming Chair for AIFA Baltimore, where he collaborated with local businesses who were affected by the murder of Freddie Gray. His portfolio includes working with artist Steven Towns , Hopewell Cancer foundation and leading a 7 person creative team, at a global advertising agency, where he worked on email advertisements for Sony, Xfinity and PayPal.

Creative Consultant, Courtney Means, runs a freelance graphic design agency. She specializes in brand identity, strategy, including event branding. One of Courtney’s best qualities when working with her is understanding her client’s needs. “I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard for clients to visualize what you already see in your head.” I think its dope when you can bounce an idea off of a business partner and they help you conceptualize the idea for you.

Ariana might as well add “travel blogger” to her creative resume, because, while she does possess some amazing skills as a Graphic Designer, her Instagram page of her travels is LIT! Her portfolio includes working with The Read, hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle West. Magee-Women’s Research Institute at Chatham University her artwork for a print magazine of both Celia Cruz and Amara La is so dope!

Listen, if you have a book dropping soon, or you’re thinking about writing a book, Danielle A. Martin is your girl! Owner of The Camda Company, a publishing company, Danielle has helped over 30 authors self-publish their books. She does it all! Author, Publisher, Ghostwriter and Graphic Designer.


British blogger and Graphic and Print Designer, Shahira, runs both a business and a blog This visual artist has created some pretty cool, fun stationary designs including pins, cards, prints, flat lays and more! If you’re looking for a Graphic and Print Designer to help assist your brand with creating original art, Shahira is your design “guru”.

Nia Gordon

Nia Gordon is a Graphic Designer, Art Director, visual storytelling creative. Her background is in user interface design, typography, and branding. In other words, the woman creates dope ish! Check her resume, Spark Plug UX/UI design, creating new branding/marketing material for New York School of design and one of my personal favorites, creating a poster of the iconic , controversial film, “Do The Right” .

April Clark lives, breathes, and is art. What exactly does that mean? She’s more than a “Graphic Designer”, she’s an educator, student, visual design “extraordinaire”! April loves creating logos, painting her own works of art *cough* commissioned pieces will be available soon, while assisting brands with imaging, design concepts, and rebranding.

Schuyler Mobley

Schuyler Mobley is an “uber” talented Graphic Designer with a portfolio that includes corporate branding and identity, personal stationary , logo branding and app design and various client work

I’m honestly unable to articulate how amazing this man’s work is (or maybe I just did?). Amazing doesn’t do his work any justice! He’s a visual artist, illustrator, designer, whose works of art takes you into another dimension!

A Graphic Designer helps to bring a new visual perspective to your brand, as well as consistency in your messaging and brand identity. A good Graphic Designer will help you communicate effectively to your customers through design. Save time in your business, and allow a Graphic Designer to handle all of your marketing needs. Hire a Graphic Designer who understands your business and can most definitely get the job done!

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