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Introducing BLCK N Startup

BLCK N Startup

Today's featured startup in none other than Oakland’s very own food startup, Kube Nice Cream.

Hello Vegans, and my lactose intolerant friends, meet Kube Nice Cream. it’s the non-dairy, vegan, raw coconut “ice cream” you never knew you needed!

Photo: Instagram

In fact you can’t even taste the coconut flavor. Did I mention that Kube Nice Cream is non-bleached, contains no synthetic, nor unpasteurized additives? What makes this food startup even more phenomenal is that it’s a Black owned and woman led business, operating out of Oakland, California.

Kube Nice Cream’s mission rings true to Oakland's well known social movement. The company prides itself on launching an array of tasty, vegan, environmentally, sustainable treats, while also, hiring residents from the community. To help with their efforts to scale and grow the Kube Nice Cream brand, the company has crowd funded over $105,000. The goal: to create an ethnically inclusive diverse staff of mothers returning back to work, formerly incarcerated individuals who are returning to the workforce, and disabled people from the community. For more information on how to invest in the food startup, or to purchase products, please visit the website

How the city of Oakland plan’s to “do it for the culture”:

In an effort to advance cultural equity in the city of Oakland, the city has launched two cultural funding initiatives: The Cultural Strategists-in-Government Pilot Program and The pilot Neighborhood Voices: Belonging in Oakland Grant Program.

It’s one of the first cultural initiatives spearheaded by Mayor Libby Schaaf, to collaborate with Oakland residents to develop city wide solutions that brings the community together. The deadlines to apply for the programs are approaching soon! This is a great way to contribute towards a greater movement that will impact the city of Oakland in the long run. For more information click here

Photo: Livability (Picture captured of downtown Oakland, California)

Could France be the next European "Silicon Valley"?

Let’s face it, Silicon Valley is becoming increasingly competitive with salaries, cost of living, and its top tier talent pool, which is one of the best in the world. Silicon Valley continues to push the envelop of innovation, being home to some of the most recognizable startups such as Google and Facebook. It also helps that the area has one of the healthiest, thriving economies, along with an ecosystem to support its startup culture.

It’s hard to imagine any other country being able to compete. These factors are great for the economy, no doubt, but rather an expensive area for startups. France now wants in on Silicon Valley’s success, and has even wooed Investors, CEO’s, and board members of startups, by hosting a summit to prove why Europe should be considered as a destination spot for startups. Why consider France? France is known for having one of the best engineering schools in Europe, including....Click to read the article

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