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The Rasheed family aims to take over the disposable diaper industry

Co-Founders Maryam Rasheed and her husband Abdullah Rasheed recently launched Umi’s Diapers, a disposable 3D leak guard diaper brand, clad in cultural Sankofa prints. The diapers are made with breathable technology, which is great for helping “active babies” stay cool. Umi’s Diapers are both chemical and fragrance free. None of their products are tested on animals. Yay!

Maryam and Abdullah couldn’t have chosen a better time to enter into the diaper market. The disposable diapers market generated $84.7 Billion dollars worldwide from 2014 to 2019 . Europe was the largest diaper market with over 50% of diaper sales globally in 2017 alone.

Photo credit: Maryam and Abdullah Rasheed

While Proctor & Gamble still hails as one of the largest diaper retailers, the brand still has its issues which leaves the market open to competitors. Large retailers such as P&G still miss the mark with including multicultural consumers into their brand messaging.

Parents want safe, functioning, reliable products. Over the years, Proctor & Gamble have faced several recalls and lawsuits surrounding hazardous materials found in their products. In 2015 Huggies recalled due to “glass shards” found in their baby wipes. Two years later the brand was hit with another lawsuit, when Huggies had to recall diapers due to the product causing severe rashes.

Brand’s like Umi’s Diapers can find opportunities in a market dominated by industry giants such as P&G with product Innovation in baby products including diapers size, breathable technology and eco-friendly made materials.

Maryam and Abdullah are currently raising capital through the crowdfunding platform We Fund Black. In hopes of adding more products to its existing line. To learn more about Umi’s Diapers and to invest in the company visit the website

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