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4 Bay Area Barbecue pit masters satisfying your charbroiled cravings

Whether you love your meats smoked, grilled, slathered in sauce, dry rub only, from North Carolina to St. Louis style, the Bay Area has a “fix” for your cravings. Meet 4 Bay Area “Pitmasters” that are giving you some of the best barbecue in the Bay!

KC’s BBQ is a family owned business that has been operating since 1968. Patrons love the smoky, charbroiled, well-seasoned slabs of ribs, pork and chicken. Customers can’t seem to get enough KC’s “fall off the bone” ribs, and tender, juicy brisket. If you love great food, with large portions, excellent customer service, you’ll love KC’s BBQ. The restaurant also serves brunch on the weekends!

Pitmaster Matt Horn has turned Oakland’s growing restaurant popup dining scene upside down! Matt and his wife Nina have built up an incredible reputation for creating a unique dining experience as well as amazing food. Horn Barbecue has a “die hard” cult following. Folks literally line up for hours to try and grab a plate, or a seat, whichever comes first, of Horn Barbecue’s delicious chicken, brisket, and ribs!

Smokinwood’s BBQ is AMAZING! Customers can choose to have grilled salmon, brisket, chicken, even “St. Louis Style Spare Ribs”. Patrons can add mac and cheese, asparagus, Hawaiian roles, potato salad, green beans and collard greens (you naaame it *if you’re on Instagram then you should be able to get the “Thanksgiving” remix reference). Smokinwoods is located on telegraph inside of 2nd Half Time Sports Bar. It’s a great place to watch the game, eat some great food, and grab a beer.

Head out to “deep East” (Oakland) and stop by Roderick’s. The restaurant and catering company serves down home comfort food from smoked ribs, and chicken, to beef and pulled pork. Not in the mood for barbecue? Then try their buttermilk Cajun friend chicken & fried catfish. Throw in a side of barbecue baked beans, yams and mac and cheese (diet “sh-miet, who cares! Live a little!).

The Bay Area’s barbecue scene offers a variety of cuts of meats, sides, including regions. From North Carolina, South Carolina, Memphis and St. Louis, these Pit Masters curate some of the Bay Area’s unique smoky, flavorful, grilled cuisine that keeps us going back for more!

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