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Building a Creative Agency

Are you one of the few Founders to launch the next Black owned Creative Agency? Here’s why the “culture” needs your innovative perspective.

The power of influence within Black culture is undeniably strong. The popularity and importance of our influence to promote music, products and services, social media, and even social causes are hard to ignore.

Black creatives and influencers have found success through niches using social media as a platform to amplify their brands. Influencer marketing is expected to reach $10 billion globally in 2020, up from $5 billion over the last 5 years.

This isn’t another blog post advocating people to become influencers. I’m talking about helping individuals within this space, to find the representation needed to navigate, build and grow within this industry.

Let’s explore in depth how Creative Strategists can hone in on their unique skills set, and perspectives to launch an influencer agency that represents the culture. One in which individuals of influence are not only compensated for their talents but celebrated as well. Here’s how to build a Creative Agency from scratch

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