The Digital Marketing Productivity Hack for "Solo" Founders

Productivity: Noun-

Definition: The rate at which goods are produced or work is completed

Entrepreneurs want to get things done, sometimes, more than they can handle at once, within a specific time frame. Most business owners are juggling marketing, public relations, accounting, human resource, inventory management, including administrative tasks. As you can imagine, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Especially with Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing plays an integral role in growing your business in the early stages. Having a digital marketing strategy enables companies to generate leads, and increase sales. How is this done? Through communication channels such as social media, email, videos, newsletters, podcasts, etc.

Here’s how it works:

Digital marketing assists companies with building brand awareness, while providing brands the opportunity to engage with consumers. Customers are expecting to find you online, outside of your website. It would be great if customers only needed to search for your website online for your products and services. The truth is, some of your customers have yet to learn about your company to even know that your brand exists, let alone your products and services. With digital marketing, you’re directing customers to your online store, or selling platform of choice.

Okay so, I know I need a digital marketing strategy, however where do I begin?

I’ll share with you what I learned as a solo Founder creating a digital marketing strategy that worked best for my business. Earlier in my entrepreneur journey, I did everything. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a Co-Founder, or a team, so much of the work fell onto my shoulders. This included, Digital Marketing. I’m no marketing expert, however I understood the importance of having an online presence and was determined to get it right. I pretty much researched everything related to digital marketing and applied tactics and best strategies I learned along the way.

My Offering

At the time I was selling business related e-books and offering consulting services. I used social media, blogging and my newsletters to build my credibility as an expert by sharing information, resources, and offering free webinars. My website housed all of my e-books which is the reason why it was important for me to direct traffic from the social platforms to my website.

How I got started

I started out creating content literally every single day. My form of communicating to clients was through blogging. I used Instagram and Twitter as a tool, to drive traffic from the platforms, to my website.

The problem?

I was “hustling backwards”. I would literally write 2 to 3 blogs a day. The problem? I was balancing working a 9-5, while growing The Corporate Concierge Group. I couldn’t afford to hire an agency or consultant. My resources were very limited! I had to be resourceful. That meant researching and learning about the subject of marketing, social media, calendaring, posting, email marketing, and hash tags. It was what I needed to do until I was in the financial position to outsource and or hire a digital marketing agency.

My Strategy

One of my strategies for driving traffic to my website included list building. The idea is to attract leads by capturing customer information to build an email list to market to customers. I set up a subscriber form on my site for customers to sign up for my mailing list on website and blog.

Sounds straight forward right?

Here’s how I did it

At the end of the day, we learn to be resourceful while building within our means. You don’t necessarily need a “robust” marketing campaign just a strategic plan for attracting and retaining prospects and customers.

In the beginning, I started out creating content every day. That lasted very briefly. I needed to better maximize my time to work more efficiently. I started creating content every month, for the entire month. What I should’ve done in the beginning was plan my content out for the entire year (we’ll get into that later).

Here are a few tips that may help solo Founders to best maximize both your time and resources. Especially those individuals who don’t have the ability to hire a social media or branding agency to handle digital marketing.

First, marketing itself is extremely time consuming! There is no “quick fix”, nor are there any tactics that will produce immediate results. This is a numbers game that takes time to master. You will definitely learn trial by error. Just patient with the process.

Set realistic goals