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Here's what we've been up to in the month of September

September was a busy month but very productive. After moderating a number of events, my organization partnered with the Salesforce Community to create a virtual summit series. We originally were going to host an in person event but then the pandemic happened.

In the beginning we had no idea how and or where to begin as we needed to completely shift from an in person conference to virtual. So, I got to work planning and brainstorming our next move. I designed the entire programming for the Oakland Dreamin Conference, from recreating our mission statement to panels and workshops. It started with the following:

The vision

A world that cultivates future thought leaders, technologists and change makers.

The goal

Build an inclusive community in Oakland California that connects underrepresented groups with resources, educational trainings, networking with technologists, leaders, organizations and the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The Result

A virtual experience complete with programs that helps industry experts create more inclusive work environments.

A panel that I was super excited about was The Leadership Activated panel. Panelists and attendees exchanged ideas, tools, and techniques designed to expand our knowledge and implementation of transformative change in our respective areas.

Leaders discussed strategies, while leaning on experiences to embrace and manage personal, professional, social and technological change. The dynamic panelists investigated how we respond and lead through change while maintaining personal resiliency.

The goal of The Leadership Activated panel of leaders was to motivate individuals to make a positive impact in the business and corporate world by doing their part to create equitable opportunities for our lives, organizations, communities, and society.

We hope to continue providing communities with opportunities to connect, network and inspire one another through mission-driven initiatives, events, programs and resources.


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