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Episode 1 of the Shavaughn B Podcast: How I built this and why

My name is Shavaughn Baker. I am the Founder of The Corporate Concierge Group. If you ever wondered what exactly does my company do or how I even got started with building the firm, this podcast should provide you with a little bit about my background. I launched this podcast simply because I have some thoughts about entrepreneurship that I wanted to share with everyone. I do believe that new perspectives, narratives and ideas should be shared and embraced so you will get a chance to meet new players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as thought processes, insights and best practices.

My company’s goal overall goal is to cultivate local economies through entrepreneurship, creating a collaborative ecosystem that enables small businesses and large organizations to thrive equally. Your small business community should not be suffering or lack anything while your large industries flourish. Every city across the nation should have spaces where organizations, individuals, small businesses and startups can compete, collaborate and thrive. We aim to redesign how cities across the nation develop local entrepreneurs of color, while bridging the gap of resources through partnerships with local government agencies, communities, organizations and leaders.

Why did I get started? Sit back and I’ll tell you why.

Click here to listen:


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