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We Launch Business program

We’re committed to building competitive businesses that can compete on the world’s stage. In an effort to support the business ideas and aspirations of entrepreneurs, we’ve created a series of online training program  designed to prepare early stage entrepreneurs to grow from conceptualization, testing and launching viable businesses. Our online, business programs, are completely remote offering a variety of business related trainings.


Hi Shavaughn,


"Thank you for these responses! Definitely great ideas and very organized feedback.  Your actionable ideas will certainly help to inform our timeline and action plan moving forward."

—  Vanessa Z, R!SE Co-Founder

Launch My Business 


This course is ideal for those that have been in business for less than a year, or individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations who have yet to launch a business.

The Launch My Business course teaches new and aspiring entrepreneurs the fundamentals of building a successful business. We believe that early preparation is the key that enables founders to achieve milestones within their business. The course is a 10 week, video instructional course, with downloadable materials included. Participants must have access to a computer, including the internet to attend courses online. An email address is required to receive access to courses as well as downloadable materials. We Launch Business program videos and materials are prohibited from recording, reprinted, distribution, copied, nor shared. All printed and video recorded information is copy written by law and trademarked to The Corporate Concierge Group. Participants agree to adhere and acknowledge to the terms listed. Those that violate the agreed terms will have access terminated if activities permit, with a lifetime ban from the program.


What you will learn:

Breaking mental barriers and blockages that prevents entrepreneurs from moving forward within their business

Validating your business idea

  • Unpacking the Valuation Method

  • Product Testing

  • Consumer feedback

  • Determining the right time to launch your product or services

Business 101: Understanding the Business Basics

  • Breaking down the 7 stages of the business development cycle

  • The basic elements of constructing a business plan

  • Using the SWOT Analysis method to understand your strengths and Weaknesses

  • How to find your Niche in a specialized area of business

The Business of “Branding”: How to brand your business, and how it relates to “brand identity”

“Brand storytelling” how to use it effectively to create a brand identity

How to construct an effective marketing strategy that will

  • Help you to understand your customers

  • Narrow down you target audience

  • Engage with your customers

  • Promote your products and services

Legalizing your business

Understanding business structures

Operational Management and activities: Day to Day functions and tasks that help improve our businesses

Customer Service: How to build a customer-focused brand that drives sales, revenue, and repeat business

  • Implementing customer service models to help enhance your existing processes and systems, to obtain feedback, resolve customer complaints and customer retention

  • How to create a company culture built on providing high level service, and get your team on board

  • 7 Point system of implementing customer service within your business

Connect, build and cultivate: The importance of relationship building

Fundraising vs. Traditional Financing: Exploring business financing options

The Fundamentals of Budgeting and Money Management

Sales Funnels Made Easy: How to create sales funnels in your business

  • Landing Pages

  • Effective lead generation tactics

  • Marketing Strategies





Date: June 17, 2019


Start TimeCourses will be available every Monday at 8:00 am

Weekly Activity

Each week, a pre-recorded video will be uploaded. Participants can view recordings for the duration of the course however, once the course is completed access to the information will be closed. At the end of the training, participants should have the necessary tools needed to build their businesses. Additional workshops and seminars will be offered and may require a fee*. Fee schedules will be provided at the time of the workshop and or seminar.

Apply concepts learned towards business goals

Weekly Commitment

1-3 hours / week

*Space is limited to 30 participants. Please assess whether you can commit fully to the program as you’re occupying the space of someone who can commit to the full 10 weeks. While we understand that extenuating life circumstances may occur, anything outside of that requires the participant to forfeit their seat. We will host online training programs regularly throughout the year.

Costs: $495.00 (10% of the proceeds goes towards community based programs, organizations and initiatives that empower underrepresented people of color)

Flexible weekly payments

Compare The Launch My Business program to an MBA program

MBA program

The average cost of an MBA program ranges $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 for two years.

What you learn is academic theories rather than hands on experience towards building your own business.

The Launch My Business program fee

10 week academy program fee: $495.00 (10% of the proceeds goes towards community based programs, organizations and initiatives that empowers underrepresented people of color)

The Launch My Business Program Benefits

Founders have the opportunity to work hands-on in their business

Learn from experienced mentors

Connect and network with entrepreneurs

Monthly group labs and strategy sessions to test your ideas

A support group made up of your peers

Access to a private Founders group to share feedback

Quarterly dinners and activities

*Flexible payment plans are available

Structure of the program

10 week startup course

18 modules uploaded weekly

Completely remote

2 hour, bi-weekly group strategy sessions to discuss your ideas, challenges, and course work

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Social Media Marketing: breaking down best practices and platforms

Email Marketing: Learn how to build email lists that converts subscribers to paying customers

We’ll be hosting curated, in-person networking events with the goal of building real connections amongst our community

One on one consultations

We offer business advising and consultations

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