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Group Consulting firm

Where intentionality and clarity intersects in not only the type of company Founders build, but how they're built

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Who we are

Where impact meets strategy and design

The Corporate Concierge Group is a Tech Boutique Operations firms designed with “the innovator” in mind. We use a creative strategy based approach that drives innovation and growth. We cater towards the business mindsets of clients who are building disruptive startups.

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What we do

Running a business requires much more forward thinking and risk management than Founders can imagine

Founders come to us when they’re ready to scale and grow their companies. We facilitate in the implementation and execution of business processes and systems that enables companies to find new opportunities and grow revenues. We help startups streamline and automate their business processes to reduce labor and resources, increasing productivity.

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Plan for growth

Founders who are looking to accelerate growth

We help our clients plan critical steps for their startup business through brainstorming, strategic planning, goal-setting, and problem solving. Clients can expect to partner with a consultant to receive a strategic plan and or a road map for your business. Founders are equipped with clearly outlined goals and strategies to help you achieve optimal results. 

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Strategic Partnerships

High-impact partnerships that drives social change within local communities

Our strategic partners see value in having the opportunity to connect and engage with the entrepreneur community who they otherwise, may not have access to.


Through our collaborative efforts, brands are uniquely positioned to expand their reach into diverse communities, and like-minded target audiences, while learning how to directly engage and connect with new audiences, including expanding into new markets.

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Case Studies and recent consulting projects

Explore how we've helped our past clients achieve their business goals.


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Our Founder Shavaughn Baker launched a podast!

School Supplies

From PreK-12 to Corporate training: 3 EdTech startups empowering marginalized groups through tech

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Black Founders powering the food revolution


A comprehensive approach to stabilizing, restoring and rebuilding small businesses

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5 ways to maximize the employee experience while driving retention in your startup

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22 startups to watch for in 2020

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