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What we do

Build | Accelerate | Grow

We focus on activities and approaches that accelerates the life cycle of young companies. Our services help Founders reach key milestones such as customer acquisition, identifying and developing new business opportunities, including expansion into target markets and securing strategic partnerships. 

What inspires us

We’re truly inspired by the emergence of new players in the startup ecosystem. Your new ideas and vision is what excites us to help the next “wave of innovators” build for the long-term.


How we can help you

We help our clients plan critical steps for their startup business through brainstorming, strategic planning, and goal-setting. Clients can expect to partner with a consultant to receive a strategic plan and or a road map for your business. Founders are equipped with clearly outlined goals and strategies to help you achieve optimal results.

A business meeting



We facilitate in helping entrepreneurs to build and test out their ideas. We thrive off of supporting Founders to help get their ideas off the ground. One of our long-term goals is to become the go-to firm for accelerator programs in the future. While we prioritize working with early stage startups, we also work with corporate clients. By partnering with CCG, teams are able to innovate within their companies, allowing them to efficiently explore new ideas and opportunities.

Business development and Strategy

We help you find ways to grow your business from both a marketing and sales standpoint. An example of our services includes developing relationships or partnerships to increase revenue and potential growth. We facilitate in identifying new business opportunities, both within your company and through partnerships. Our goal is to assist in supporting your company’s expansion opportunities to new markets and to reach your ideal customers, including new audiences.

Business Operations

Process Design is our “sweet spot”! When companies establish systems and processes early, they’re able to continuously improve core business activities and ensure the delivery of value to customers. Efficiency and effectiveness enables you to deliver your product or service, while increasing revenue and reducing costs. Our clients are able to optimize sales and marketing funnels, increase users or conversion rates, while lowering costs.

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