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22 Startups to watch for in 2020

Black and Brown Founders are truly the "hidden gems" that deserves to be highlighted, supported, and funded. Here's a list of 22 startups to keep on your radar:

Boddle provides adaptive math practices & assessments through gaming. Children who engaging in gameplay build confidence and motivates students to learn challenging math problems. For parents struggling to find effective ways to homeschool their children, Boddle provides parents alternative support that drives student success.

Hustle Clean launched in January 2020 by former NFL running back Justin Forsett . Hustle Clean is a performance hygiene company delivering personal active care products. The curated line of active care products enables athletes who are on the go with personal care options.

Undock is a scheduling platform that enables users to schedule, host, and document your meetings. No more checking calendars to see if the person is available. Undock searches and schedules preferred times for you. How does it work? Click to find out

Mi Terro uses biotechnology to re-engineer food waste into sustainable fibers that can replace plastic. The company turns food waste into clothing. This eco friendly startup is changing the way industries produce sustainable goods. Want to learn more about how Mi Terro is providing solutions to food waste? Click here.

Learning how to play an instrument is so much more than creating beautiful music. Playing an instrument has a number of benefits, from boosting your confidence to enhancing your memory. As Covid-19 has impacted our movements due to social distancing measures, Musicbuk offers musicians and instructors the ability to take private lessons virtually. Learn more about how Musicbuk is connected the world to private music education.

Quickwits card game

Quickwits card game is a fast paced card game .The deck of cards contain trivia questions to charades to keep you entertained and “on your feet”. First, click here for a quick tutorial on how to play the game. Hopefully, it will inspire you to purchase the game, support the company and follow the brand.

Today’s company’s leaders are shifting towards social impact. Philanthropic efforts help build communities while enabling brands to support social issues they care about.

Today’s company’s leaders are shifting towards social impact. Philanthropic efforts help build communities while enabling brands to support social issues they care about. The Selflessly platform helps companies create, manage and track all of a company’s philanthropic giving Why is this important? Organizations often are unable to efficiently track and measure performance of campaigns to ensure success. Selflessly helps companies track online performance, fundraising metrics, giving levels and engagement metrics.

Candi has provided social influencers a way to get around the coronavirus. With travel bans impacting in-person events, virtual is the only option to stay connected to their following. Candi allows fans to virtually meet & greet their favorite celebrities and influencers. Fans can book a 5 minute video all with a celebrity or media personality.

Hubly Surgical focuses on modernizing bedside intracranial access. The company launched its first product, an integrated electric grill system that streamlines bedside intracranial access, decreases operating room reliance, and facilitates treatments for emerging indications.

Pack Elephant is a business-to-business gifting platform. The company helps brands source unique gifts curated by local independent makers for clients and employees. If your company is looking for ways to support local businesses, offer your customers and partners "swag bags" filled with locally sourced items.

Brand XR Studio is a no-code platform that allows anyone to create Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) apps. Brand XR Studios offers users the ability to create effective campaigns.

College Thrifts is a resale community that for college students. The aim of the brand is for students to buy and sale sustainable clothing. College students can purchase second-hand goods at the fraction of the costs. Cash strapped students can purchase anything from school mascot clad hats, shirts and hoodies.

Glory skin care provides cutting-edge, clean beauty products sourced from women and minority owned skin care brands that are high-quality and safe. What makes the brand unique is that each product is carefully selected. All of the ingredients are analyzed to ensure the products pass toxicity testing.

Currently the founder Martel Metellus is in the process of building the prototype for the social professional platform, Join Soko. Sign up for the mailing list to follow the founder’s journey and stay up to date on the launch of the platform.

Poor customer service costs businesses $75 Billion a year in revenue. Founder Ray McKenzie aims to solve the problem with Starting Point. The technology provides companies the ability to delight customers and improve customer service, including streamlining workflows efficiently.

Founder and CEO Dawn Myers, built a marketplace and hub for natural hair enthusiasts. Why The Most? Black women spend up to nine times more than any other demographic, on hair products and services that do not meet their needs. Most products aren’t suitable for textured hair. The Most is designing tools for textured hair and creating a platform for women to easily access products that accommodates their needs.

Solo entrepreneurs have a hard time finding communities of like-minded individuals to strategize and build with. Raddle is a subscription platform that enables entrepreneurs to brainstorm virtually. The online community connects solo entrepreneurs with people from around the world. You’re never alone as you build your business.

Femly Box is an eco-friendly, sustainable FemTech company. What is FemTech? Think technology meets women’s health. The technology helps to meet the needs of women’s health from wearable technology to feminine products. Femly Box offers subscription boxes contain 100% cotton, bleach-free, dioxin-free, and BPA-free.

Have you ever experienced parking at a meter and realizing you don’t have any change? Most meters have the option to pay with a debit/credit card, while others require change. Meter Feeder allows users to pay for parking effortlessly without running the risk of getting a parking ticket. Here’s how

I think by now we’re all in agreement that financial literacy is important as it equips us with the necessary knowledge to make sound financial decisions. The Kiddie Kredit app teaches children financial literacy to help them understand the risks of credit. Children learn by performing chores in which the app assigns value based on the number of chores the child performs. Pretty cool huh? Check out the website for more.

As a SAAS company should you opt for venture capital for funding or chose other financing alternatives? Founder Bobby Gilbert launched Dinote, a SAAS non-dilutive capital marketplace. SAAS companies can track the progress of their funding targets and compare offers side-by-side, to vet funding offers. Click here to learn more

Did you know that the 10 US consumer complaints were home improvement/construction related issues? From poor workmanship to failure to start or complete the job. Renno Home allows users to have a 3D vision of design concepts with the help of professional designers. Home improvement enthusiasts can select options and upgrades and view on a photorealistic 3D rendering.

In 2019 nineteen women filed a lawsuit against ride-share giant Lyft for failing to protect female passengers from sexual assault. Uber stated that 3,045 people in the United States reported being sexually assaulted during rides in 2019. HerRide is a female friendly rideshare app. Currently the company has partnered with organizations who work with sexual assault victims, sex trafficking, domestic violence, while providing job placement opportunities.

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