22 Startups to watch for in 2020

Black and Brown Founders are truly the "hidden gems" that deserves to be highlighted, supported, and funded. Here's a list of 22 startups to keep on your radar:

Boddle Learning

Boddle provides adaptive math practices & assessments through gaming. Children who engaging in gameplay build confidence and motivates students to learn challenging math problems. For parents struggling to find effective ways to homeschool their children, Boddle provides parents alternative support that drives student success.

Hustle Clean

Hustle Clean launched in January 2020 by former NFL running back Justin Forsett . Hustle Clean is a performance hygiene company delivering personal active care products. The curated line of active care products enables athletes who are on the go with personal care options.


Undock is a scheduling platform that enables users to schedule, host, and document your meetings. No more checking calendars to see if the person is available. Undock searches and schedules preferred times for you. How does it work? Click to find out

Mi Terro

Mi Terro uses biotechnology to re-engineer food waste into sustainable fibers that can replace plastic. The company turns food waste into clothing. This eco friendly startup is changing the way industries produce sustainable goods. Want to learn more about how Mi Terro is providing solutions to food waste? Click here.


Learning how to play an instrument is so much more than creating beautiful music. Playing an instrument has a number of benefits, from boosting your confidence to enhancing your memory. As Covid-19 has impacted our movements due to social distancing measures, Musicbuk offers musicians and instructors the ability to take private lessons virtually. Learn more about how Musicbuk is connected the world to private music education.