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What is a hash tag? A Hashtag is merely a label for content. Often times, users will use a search engine tool on social media, to look for a particular topic or personal interests by utilizing a single word commonly known as a “#hash tag”.

You’ve probably heard us use the term “content is King”, when discussing social media strategies however, hash tagging plays an important role when it comes to providing your followers with valuable content. Hash tagging drives a specific type of target audience to your page. For example, when a user types in a key word such as “makeup artistry”, all posts/pages using the hash tag will appear.

The user can literally browse hundreds, sometimes millions of pages, looking for all things related to makeup artistry. This is a great way to provide your readers with content if you’re a blogger, showcasing your talents as a musician, artist, hair stylist, or raising awareness on a particular issue. Hash tags have been kn

own to go viral on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter creating instant popularity.

When choosing hash tags try to opt for subjects that are related to your brand, the type of audience you’d like to attract (#startups #innovators #creators), limit the number of hash tags to no more than 20 words. Often times, Instagram will block the number of words listed as a hash tag, even certain words are “censored” and will be blocked. You don’t want your caption to be full of hash tags without providing any valuable information.

Remember, the hash tags are used to drive traffic to your page. The content is what helps to increase followers and eventually, customers.

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