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5 reasons why your e-commerce email marketing strategy isn’t working

“So I sent out a few emails about our recently launch collection of t shirts and all I got was crickets” Sound familiar? Email marketing can be complex, especially as an e-commerce brand. When most people think of email marketing as it pertains to retail, they assume it entails sending a bunch of promotional offers and discounts. The truth is, it’s a little more complex than that and requires an effective strategy to produce sales and generate revenue. Here are 5 reasons why your email marketing strategy isn’t working for your e-commerce brand: Target audience Are you sending your emails to the right people at the right time? Effective email marketing is about understanding the customer life

Sustainable fashion brand Taylor Jay adds “chic” to eco-friendly women’s wear

Typically when you hear the word “sustainable” in fashion, you probably think; “boring, plain, and something that deserves to sit on a store rack untouched. Sustainable fashion has elevated to fashionable, ready to wear styles while using innovative approaches to lessening carbon footprints and chemical load. Founder Taylor Jay, established the namesake, as a sustainable, fashion brand in 2012 right in the heart of Oakland, CA. Her vision “We envision a healthy, positive, and welcoming world in which women can thrive and grow without limits. That is why we produce clothing that can be integrated with any lifestyle, has a strong lifetime value, and can safely be reabsorbed into the environmen

Health in Her HUE startup is challenging the status quo of black women’s health

Health in Her Hue (Hearing and Understanding their unique Experiences) Co-Founder, Ashlee Wisdom and Co-Founder Davida Farhat wants black women to prioritize their health. Wisdom, a Howard University graduate with a BS in Psychology, a minor in Biology, including an MPH with a concentration in Healthcare Policy & Management from NYU, borne her company Health in Her HUE out of frustration from observing the structural racial impacts of black women in health care. Co-Founder Davida Farhat, MPH received her BA in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis. She also holds an MPH in Socio-medical Sciences from Columbia University. It's no secret that black women have lead some of the mo

4 Bay Area Barbecue pit masters satisfying your charbroiled cravings

Whether you love your meats smoked, grilled, slathered in sauce, dry rub only, from North Carolina to St. Louis style, the Bay Area has a “fix” for your cravings. Meet 4 Bay Area “Pitmasters” that are giving you some of the best barbecue in the Bay! KC's BBQ KC’s BBQ is a family owned business that has been operating since 1968. Patrons love the smoky, charbroiled, well-seasoned slabs of ribs, pork and chicken. Customers can’t seem to get enough KC’s “fall off the bone” ribs, and tender, juicy brisket. If you love great food, with large portions, excellent customer service, you’ll love KC’s BBQ. The restaurant also serves brunch on the weekends! Horn Barbecue Pitmaster Matt Horn has turned O

Arawak Farms is the spice brand you never knew you needed

Because we love all things Oakland, let me introduce you to a company you should know: Arawak Farm. Oakland based food-company Arawak Farm “spices up” your dishes with uniquely blended seasonings. If you’re looking to add a little “spice to your life”, shop Arawak Farm for uniquely blended seasonings. The Oakland based food company curates unique pepper sauces, spicy fruit spreads, and dry rub/spice blends. All of their spices are vegan, gluten free and low sodium. Arawak Farm was founded by Lloyd Vassell. The Vassell Foods Arawak Farm brand was inspired by the founder’s Indian Heritage. The island of Arawak was once occupied by Arawak Indians. Unfortunately, genocide committed at the hands

5 side hustles you can start with your English major

I’ve said, it before and I’ll say it again, your greatest strength is the ability to hone in on your skill set. Once you’re able to do so, you can find ways to monetize your skills and talent. Case in point: Your English degree. You’ve recently graduated from college and wondering “who will hire me with my English major now that I’ve graduated from college”? There has been this ongoing narrative that ‘English majors are useless” however let me give you 5 reasons why that notion is not only a lie, but the number of ways you can utilize your degree to fast track your career. Choosing the right path “Experts” may advise you to find a path and or an area of focus such as studying literature, pub

Unexpected ways to get around mental blockages

Mental blockages comes in many forms, loss of creativity, feeling “stuck” or unsure, even doubt can prevent you from moving forward on making a decision. There are several factors that can lead to mental blockages; your environment, old habits, unforeseen circumstances. Most entrepreneurs step out on their journeys excited, full of promise and hope. As time goes on that excitement wears down. You tend to second guess yourself, or become overwhelmed with the demands of being entrepreneur. There are times when you lose motivation and sometimes inspiration. These are normal feelings that everyone experiences. Instead of simply “going through the emotions”, as if they don’t exist, acknowledge th

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