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20 great marketing ideas for career coaches

You’ve started your career coaching business now what? It’s time to get the word out! Any successful career coach will tell you that having an effective marketing plan to obtain, retain and attract clients is essential to running a profitable business. Here’s 20 marketing tips that will help you grow your brand. 1. Social Media Get your “handles” together and create social media accounts where your audience may frequent. Tailor your content to fit each platform, based on the audience. For example, do not create the same post for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The object is to provide helpful, information that your audience will find useful, like interview and resume tips. 2. Pinterest Whil

How to start a resume writing service business

Why start a resume writing service business? Well for starters, as long as there is uncertainty within the U.S. economy, job seekers will need resumes to apply for jobs. Another reason to start a resume writing business, the corporate grind often times stifles employee’s growth. We hear of the never ending tales of employees “hitting the glass ceiling” where there is no room for growth. Employees want more from their positions and deserve to work for a company that appreciates and values their skills, including hard work! Job seekers want more money! Raises seem to be obsolete in certain fields. For those that do receive raise increases, the amount doesn’t equate to the cost of living. There

Looking for Alternative ways to fund your next project?

Are you looking for alternative ways to raise money for your next project? Here's why a Kickstarter Campaign might be your best strategy. On average 64% of small business owners start with $10,000 or less, and are primarily self-funded. (Source: Intuit 2014) And a staggering 75% of small businesses used their own personal finances as primary startup funding. Other funding options were banks at 16% and family/friends at 6%. (Source: BlueVine 2015) A Kickstarter Campaign is an alternative to funding your projects and or business ideas when you're low on capital. The Good news? While social media has its pros and cons, it has actually helped launch, fund and bring many entrepreneurial ideas to

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