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If you’re looking to propel your career or business forward, making the right connections through networking can be very advantageous. Let’s focus for a moment on your dreams, goals and aspirations. How will you land your next job? How will you get the internship you’ve been seeking? Where will your next client come from? The truth of the matter is the right connection can essentially lead you into the right direction! There are real benefits to establishing new relationships, outside of family and friends. The power of networking lies in the simple belief that while you may deserve more, you must step out of your comfort zone in order to get what you deserve. It may not necessarily happen r

"I am confident. I am bold, and I am ambitious". I am a "Solopreneur"

One of the many perks of being an entrepreneur is having the freedom to define your own level of success. The ability to be able to essentially create your own destiny is appealing to most, scary for others for fear of failure, while exciting to some, because…well, you never lose when you bet on you! I’m hoping that this blog post will help you to learn to walk confidently, with boldness, into the direction of your entrepreneur journey, to provide you with clarity on how to set the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur and to provide you with the necessary tools and resources to be able to do so. Whether you've set a short-term goal to "fly solo" or starting out solo, with the goal of


Let’s start the month off by focusing on the things that truly matter to you. Challenge yourself to take on a new mindset, to set a goal and crush it, to seek an opportunity that will enhance your life and or business or both. Whether that’s to gain new clients, start a new business, set a weight loss goal, enrolling in a new course, healthy eating, today is a new opportunity to achieve anything you set your mind to! Start by writing a list of what it is you’re looking to achieve. Take inventory of what’s not bringing any added value into your life. What habits you may need break? GET RID OF THE NEGATIVITY! Take a positivity challenge for the mind body and soul. For the next 30 days, try to

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