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Is a Popup shop right for your business?

What is a Popup Shop? A Popup Shop is a temporary retail establishment, or a dining event. How did this trend become so widely popular? Because it’s more than just a “Popup Shop” it’s unique customer experience. Brands are able to bring their products to their customers. The overhead expenses are by far less expensive than owning a long-term retail space. You have the flexibility to scale at a pace that benefits your business. Grab a Copy of the Popup Shop Blueprint to learn more about how to build a successful, profitable business. A Popup shop is the perfect opportunity to “test” a business idea or products with hardly any commitment. The pop-up industry comprises of about “$50 billion in

10 Part time home businesses you can start without quitting your job

Quitting your job isn't always necessary to earn additional income nor pursue your passions. Perhaps you love your job but have passions outside of your career that you want to pursue. Maybe you’re that person who needs additional income but can’t seem to figure out what to do to about it. Whether you’re “cash strapped” or you want to turn you “passion into profit” here’s how you can do so without quitting your job. Here's 80 part time business ideas to choose from How do I choose a business idea? Look within. Do an “inventory” of your strengths. Build a business concept from there. If you still need a few ideas to choose from, here’s a list: Consultant One of the great things about consulti

How to use Linkedin for your business

Ever wonder how you can use LinkedIn for your business? LinkedIn is more than a professional networking site used for employees who are looking for career changes. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can use LinkedIn to network and gain new customers. Here’s how: Post your content If you’re an avid blogger or if you post frequently on your social media accounts, transfer the information from your blogs to your LinkedIn account. You may want to switch up your introduction or let your readers know that the article “was originally written by Jon Sam on the timeforawakeup blog”. Before you go on a hunt for all of your articles that you’ve written, think about your marketing strategy. Who is

"Slay My Salon": Use these marketing tactics, sales techniques and growth strategies to gr

Image credit vibe magazine Alright now! Let’s boost our retail sales in 2017! Here’s a few tips on how your salon can boost retail sales: Make it pretty This may require a little bit of an investment and some “elbow grease” but get creative and package your retail products. Use wicker baskets, colored boxes, or containers to package the products. Bundle them together in a beautiful package and put them on display at the front of your salon. Customers will see them when they first walk in and may be more incline to purchase them due to the beautiful packaging (wink). A great way to get rid of old inventory is to package your items and place a beautiful sign that says “discounted products”. Se

5 Ways to boost your personal fitness business

Have you recently started a Personal Trainer or Fitness business and looking for ways to attract new clients? Are you an Personal Trainer who's looking to boost your business this year? Here are some tips on how you can boost your business in 2017: Click here to save the article for later Gift Cards Many people are starting the new year off by incorporating healthy living into their daily lives. Why not ask your clients to “gift” their friends and family your personal fitness services? If you don’t have a website, get one now. Wix and Square space offer the ability for you to create redeemable online gift cards, that your clients can use on your website. Or you can opt to use Canva to create

Slay Hair and your Brand in 2017

2017 is the year of INCREASE! Let’s increase your sales, revenue and foot traffic this year. I’ve compiled some of my favorite marketing strategies for you to incorporate into your marketing plan. Email Marketing Most salon owners do not have an email list nor do they offer newsletters to their clients. Why? Perhaps it’s because they feel as though it’s “time consuming” or they just simply don’t know how an email list will benefit their business. There is a huge benefit to email lists regardless of what business you’re in. The advantage of an email list is the ability to market and engage with your customers outside of the salon. (Learn how to build your email list with a free mini E Book) W

MLO PRO TIP: Streamline your loan process with this easy tip

One way to streamline your initial application process, and to be proactive with your customers as well as referral partners is by incorporating templates in the process. I’ve personally used templates as both a Mortgage Loan Officer and a Loan Officer Assistant. I find them to be helpful in collecting loan documentation as well as following up with customers and referral partners throughout the loan process. Your time is valuable! Having to send out repeated emails is time consuming. Here are a few ideas on how to structure your email templates to help streamline the loan process: Collecting upfront documentation Depending on your client, sometimes collecting loan documentation can be a bit

How to do PR right while on a budget

What is Public Relations? PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) initiated a crowdsourcing campaign and public vote that produced the following definition:“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. ”Small Business Owner translation: the promotion of your business, products or services. Public Relations help tell your brand’s story to an audience you might not have access to. For many of you on a budget, hiring a PR agency for your business is out of the question. But here are some budget friendly PR tips you can use until you can afford to hire one! Think “Local”. Check out the local public

Here’s why you should be talking to your operations team this time of year

It’s a new year! New Mindset. New business goals. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to reflect on your business, what areas can be improved upon, and what direction you’d like to go in your business. I’m not sure what your company culture is like however, you may want to reach out to your manager as well as your operations team to discuss what areas of the process needs to be improved. Ask your team members what you need to do on your end to get your loans closed faster. The upfront process Do you send documentation through piece mail? Perhaps that’s something you need to work on in terms of communicating what you need from your customers upfront. For those of you who don’t have

What rising interest rates mean for your business

Image Credit: Pixabay 2016 was an impressive year for the housing market. According to The the value of U.S. homes hit a record of $29.6 Trillion, led by Los Angeles and New York. Renters across the U.S. spent $478.5 billion on housing, a $17.7 billion increase from last year. But what is in store for the housing market in 2017, particularly post-election? Much of what we’ve heard so far about the future of the housing market has been pure speculation, which is unsettling for some. Still many are hopeful that we’ll continue to go into the direction of both stability and growth. 2016 was a sign that the housing market recovered from the mortgage crisis of 2008. Will interest rate

10 Ways Automation can help you get more done as a new business owner

Automating your daily responsibilities as a business owner will save you time and allow you to be productive in your business. Focus on what matters the most by incorporating automation processes into your business. Here are 10 automation tools to use in your business: Panda Doc Have contracts signed while you’re on the go and notified once their signed. Panda Doc’s electronic signatures are legal and enforceable, much like the handwritten physical documentation. They’re also compliant with both the UETA and the Federal ESIGN ACT. No more running to the printer and fax machine to have your clients or vendors sign documents. The Electronic Files are also saved and stored into Cloud. Hootsuite

Health and Wellness tip of the week: Unplug

Admit it! It's hard to unplug sometimes. I'm addicted to my phone! From answering and responding to emails to just randomly surfing the 'net for hours. As a matter of fact, TIME mobility surveyed 5,000 people and found that 84 percent of participants couldn't go a single day without their mobile device, with 25 percent admitting that they checked their phones every 30 minutes. . A "healthy disconnect" can help us all achieve a number of things. It will give you the opportunity to connect with family and friends, reduce stress directly related to always having to be "on", and it will allow you to actually relax and enjoy your day or evening. Try to unplug once in awhile for at least a day


Click here to save the article for your archives Here we "grow" ! Congratulations! You've grown your business including your team now it's time to move into an office space! Prior to moving into an office space or opening a storefront, consider these options: When thinking about expansion, think long term. First, research your desired area. Sounds like a "no brainer" right? Not really. Some business owners will opt to lease or purchase a retail space just because its "cheap". Now I'm all about being frugal however, being cheap may cost you later on down the line. For example, purchasing an inexpensive office space that's inconveniently located several miles away from your clients may not

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