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End of the year 2020 Insights report: EdTech Edition

The Future of Education and Technology

Ed Tech is one of the fast-growing industries globally, and has already seen billion dollar valuations. Byju helps children ages 6-10 learn math concepts and English. Duolingo is a free app that teaches over 30 languages.

From Duolingo to Byju, these startups have changed the way we live, learn and even interact with one another.

Why we should provide more resources and environments for innovators in Ed Tech

Ed Tech Startups are disrupting education and learning development. This opens the chance to change not only education, but helps to address social and economic problems. Covid-19 fast tracked the need for remote learning as schools around the United States prepared for distance learning and instruction.

The health pandemic forced schools around the nation to adapt to remote learning and instruction quickly. The transition exposed what many have known for decades about the educational system in America: Several schools lacked a substantial amount of resources to adjust to the new distance learning environment, while students lacked access to digital devices including the internet. Imagine living in one of the most modern ages of technology and people still do not have access to not just the internet, but digital devices.

The health pandemic exposed the widening digital divide, highlighting the disparities and gaps within the educational system that went far beyond technology. Access to lack of resources left students without laptops, connection to the internet, and support. Unprepared school districts forced parents to position themselves as educators until the pandemic played out. Adjusting to remote instruction has not been easy on students, educators and parents.

Now more than ever we must think about the role of education and what it will look like in the future?

The 2020 Insights Report: Ed Tech Edition details what innovations are yet to be developed, and the new opportunities that will be available for students, educators, and schools. Download the report here


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