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5 Important benefits of using Virtual Event Bags for your next event

When was the last time you went to a conference and were given a “goodie bag”? Did the bag really contain items you were interested in? Probably not. Maybe about 25% of what’s stuffed inside the bag is useful, the other we trash. Event marketing is truly about creating unique experiences for conference attendees, or concert goers. Each year, companies are looking for creative ways to lure attendees to their event space by curating cool themes, incorporating music, artists and even other forms of entertainment, all in an effort to promote the brand, its products and services. The objective is to leave a lasting impression on the minds of attendees, i.e. your brand and its products. Most compa

A look into the wearable technology brand, Agbara Life

Photo credit: Agbara Life You’ve heard of “Smartwatches”, Agbara Life brings you “Smart luggage”. What is “Smart Luggage”? Smart Luggage are pieces of luggage with electronic functions stored inside of the bag, along with security features that protects hardware, devices, and items in your wallet. The Smart Luggage market has witnessed high growth in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Asia Pacific regions. The wearable tech market is said to be worth an estimated $34 Billion dollars by 2020 Back in 2015, Canalys reported that the “market to watch”, were smartwatches, as units began to soar. With over 12 million Apple watches sold worldwide from 2015, to 20 million and counting

How to stay on top of your social content as a “solo entrepreneur”

Social media marketing is important for early stage entrepreneurs as it assists with building brand awareness, increasing sales, and the opportunity to engage with consumers. The truth is, customers are expecting to find you online, outside of your website. It is naïve to think that customers will simply search for your website, rather than you directing them to your online store. Fact: Social media is extremely time consuming! Listen, trust me when I say, I know you have a lot on your plate. Social media marketing is a huge undertaking, especially if you’re a “solo entrepreneur”, or on a tight budget unable to hire a social media marketing agency. Sometimes tasks fall by the way side, inclu

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