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This startup created a digital space for independent authors and book enthusiasts to connect.

Building a business around community is no easy task. Starting an online bookstore requires an in-depth knowledge of e-commerce business models, creating a personal brand, and developing relationships with authors and distributors.

Founder, Isis Asare has built one of the fastest growing, digital literary spaces in the U.S. centered around Black literature. The brand even made it to’s Black-owned bookstore list.

Sistah Scifi is more than just an online bookstore, it is a community. Isis has managed to build an incredibly unique brand that pays homage to the likes of American Science Fiction author Octavia Butler, including comics such as Vagrant Queen by Magdelene Visaggio and Jason Smith.

Sistah Scifi is the perfect balance between escapism, community and Black literature. Book enthusiasts who have a deepen appreciation for afro futurism, mysticism, science fiction, magical realism, and horror can share, congregate, and discuss their favorite genres and authors.

In this episode of The Shavaughn B Podcast, Isis lays out the steps she has taken to grow the Sistah Scifi brand in this $10 Billion a year industry.

Listen to the full interview here


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