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The Speakerlab shares tips for landing speaking engagements in any industry

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you already know, I’m a firm believer in monetizing your skills set and expertise. I think it’s essential for people to hone in on their skills and expertise, to create revenue generating opportunities. We all have a level of knowledge and wisdom, or a skill set that can benefit someone. Speaking engagements enables experts to build a platform to share their knowledge, while placing you in front of an audience you may not have access to. Speaking engagements are great for: Building your brand as an industry expert Marketing your company, products and services Networking with industry peers Employment opportunities The ability to collaborate a

Here’s how your local Visitors Bureau can “unexpectedly” boost your business

Entrepreneurs miss out on a lot of opportunities to grow and scale their business, not because of “bad business decisions” but most of the time, it’s due to lack of information. It’s hard to determine what strategies and methods will position your company towards growth when you lack information. Often times, it’s challenging to understand where the opportunities are and how to monetize them. You may be overlooking opportunities right in your own backyard. Cities currently account for 45% of global international travel. Travel and tourism attributes towards economic development, growth, innovation and job creation. Your business can benefit from your city’s local tourism and travel. How? Thr

13 Key steps to setting up a popup store

Entrepreneurs are known for finding a problem and offering a solution with their products and services, popup stores are no different. Entrepreneurs have found new ways to bring their products to customers while curating unique shopping experiences through popup stores. The increasingly popular trend of Brick and Mortars has expanded across the globe. Originally, the concept of retail pop-up stores was popularized by Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. The founder, Rei Kawakubo, opened the label’s first pop-up store in Berlin in 2004. The concept has since then evolved into a popular business model for retailers. As retail chains began closing around the country, business experts sp

I’m a huge fan of landing pages: Here’s why

While I understand the importance of having an online presence, I’m also aware of the budget constraints that many early stage entrepreneurs have, while developing their businesses. One thing about having to “bootstrap” your business is, you learn to be resourceful, which means being creative with the resources you have. Custom built websites can be costly however, without an online presence it would be difficult to build your brand. I mean how else would clients find your page? You can opt for affordable, web service providers such as Wix or Shopify which offers ready-made, professional website templates. The other option: Landing Pages. Why am I huge fan of landing pages? Easy! Flexibili

Eight Kenyan fintech startups to watch for

Kenya is Africa’s third most attractive financial market. What makes Kenya more attractive to investors are the country’s strong governing policies and oversight, an active foreign exchange market and steady economic growth. The country has made significant strides in political, structural and economic reforms that attribute towards economic growth and social development. The Fintech industry is quickly becoming Kenya’s fastest growing sectors. What is Fintech? Fintech is a financial sector that uses tech to improve and automate banking and financial services. Fintech companies create programs and technology that enables businesses to deliver, support or enable banking and financial service

Abasi Ene-Obong, founder of 54gene raises $4.5 million in a seed round

Abasi Ene-Obong, founder of 54gene raised $4.5 million in a seed round—the largest by a Nigerian health care startup. Ene-Obong will use the funds to implement a plan that houses African genomic data and research to create the world’s largest and first African biobank. A "Biobank" is a large collection of biological or medical data and tissue samples, amassed for research purposes. Why is this important? Genelex a diagnostics company wrote on its blog "When you take a drug or are exposed to an environmental toxin, enzymes in your body get to work to break down that drug so it can be excreted. Your specific genetic makeup determines how these enzymes work to break down drugs and how you may,

Brooklyn, New York adds new "paw-menties" for pet residents

Photo credit: Paws in the City Brooklyn, New York has undergone a complete transformation especially in the Crown Heights area. The neighborhood consists of tree lined, 20th century brownstones, along with a mix of businesses and restaurants. It’s vibrant, diverse community, has attracted residents from all over the world, including the “furry friends” population. Founder, “Jae” opened Paw In the City about a year ago In Brooklyn, New York. Paw In The City is dedicated to pampering pets while making pet owner’s lives more easier with top of the line grooming salon, custom boarding hotels, dog-walking services, in-house pet sitting services and free dog food delivery. Brooklyn’s new residents

Phēnyx athleisure inspires a new generation of healthy living

Phēnyx athleisure is a lifestyle brand that caters to men and women who are committed to living healthy lives, physically and mentally. The “Phēnyx”, represents the “rebirth” of the renewal of the mind, body and soul of an individual. What is Athleisure? It’s comfortable, casual clothing that can be worn as both exercise and normal everyday wear. Athleisure has become a staple piece in fashion, these trends include women’s leggings, men’s hoodies, sneakers, unisex shirts and other street wear. Leggings and active pants are a $1 billion industry, according to NPD Group Analyst Marshal Cohen See what the buzz is over at Phēnyx

14 free online programs that help you learn the basics of coding

“If you build it, they will come” No seriously, some of today’s most admired companies, started out with Founders who built and created their own websites, platforms and systems, having little to no experience with programming. Kevin Systrom, Founder of Instagram taught himself how to code, and built one of the largest social networks in the world. In 2000, James Baddiley needed a website for his company, Chillisauce that would enable users to organize events. Instead of hiring a web developer, he decided to learn coding to build his own website. The task at hand was a huge undertaking considering that Baddiley was balancing his environmental consulting career, while building a business. The

Clearbanc's investment platform "clears" $300M and counting

Any entrepreneur will tell you that raising capital is an exhausting, time consuming, frustrating, and a very tedious process. Founders create pitch decks, and or presentations, to pitch their business idea to investors with the goal of receiving investment funds. Clearbanc, created an innovative, practical solution, that by-passes the traditional methods of lending. ClearBanc, is a data-driven investment platform that provides capital for startups. The company uses data and machine learning technology to offer startups funding Investments that range from $10K to $10M. Within in a matter of 24 hours, applicants receive a decision and or funds, if approved. Clearlbanc has raised $300 million

How entrepreneurs are earning 7 figures in the photo booth rental industry

Photo booths have been around since the “roaring 20s”, when one of the first prototypes, surfaced on Broadway in New York City. Inventor Anatol Josepho’s machine captured photos printed on 4 strips of film. Since then, the popularity of photo booths have skyrocketed! It’s actually rare to not find a photo booth present at an event. Photo booth frenzy in Hollywood Celebrities love photo booths! Entertainment Tonight’s Comic-Con photo booth attracted celebrities who transformed themselves into superheroes. Photo booths were a hit with stars at this year’s 2019 Essence festival. Guests were captured displaying their personalities in booths decorated with props, a nice backdrop, and a host of co

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