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5 Tasks you should consider outsourcing in your business

Are you looking for ways to "work smarter" in your business as opposed to "working hard"? Being an entrepreneur is extremely hard work. Imagine having no staff, being up to your ears in paperwork, and missing important deadlines. Yikes! If you're short staffed and everyone is pretty much doing the best they can, juggling many hats in your business, you may want to think about how to relieve "key players" from their tasks. This will allow them to focus on the tasks that matter the most. It might be time to rethink your overall business goals and find the right solution to help you achieve them: Outsourcing Developing an outsourcing strategy for your business allows you to focus on what matter

Are you riding the “Vegan Wave”?

Veganism seems to be the one dietary trending “wave”, that everyone has jumped on, from the likes of Russell Simmons , who’s been a vegan for going on 17 years to Jennifer Lopez. A Vegan is someone who doesn’t eat meat, eggs, honey, gelatin and dairy products. The Vegan diet only contains plant-based products. So what’s the deal with Veganism? Many health related issues such as celiac disease, heart disease, and some cancers have been linked to what we eat. Today, many people are more conscious of what they put into their bodies. I’m personally not a Vegan, however I do believe that one of the most important aspects of your business is you! Here’s a few things you should know, if you’re th

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

A few months ago, April to be exact, I noticed that my engagement had not only dropped significantly, but my posts weren’t showing up on any of the hash tags I used. I couldn’t quiet figure out why my engagement had decreased, nor what I was doing wrong. I ended up asking my followers if there was an issue with Instagram, or if they too, noticed a difference with their Instagram page. Many stated they had noticed the same exact change that I was experiencing. I began to Google if Instagram was having “technical issues” and found multiple articles surrounding the subject. What struck me the most, was the common term used in the articles that read “Shadow Ban”. I’m thinking “what the heck is s

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