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Turn your content into "currency"

Recently I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers John Henry, Harlem Capital's Co-Founder, dropping major “gems” on his channel. He said “Content is Currency". I sat back and started thinking, what exactly does this mean and how does it apply to entrepreneurs? Having listened to the entire series, his statement couldn’t have been truer. Today's marketing strategies include, creating compelling content that eventually converts to currency. It’s about creating a platform for an audience that resonates with your brand. Content creators such as bloggers, comedians, influencers and entrepreneurs, have been able to use content, to build profitable brands. There’s literally a demographic of peo

SheaMoisture founder sews seeds into women entrepreneurs with a $100 million dollar commitment

Wealth. There are several ways to obtain it, but for many, entrepreneurship is the chosen path. We seek wealth to build foundations for our families and communities. The goal: is generational wealth. How do you build wealth? With capital. Access to capital is one of the biggest challenges that most startups and business owners face when starting and growing their business, particularly, for black women. In a study conducted by American Express, black women are leading the charge as one of the fastest growing groups of small business owners, outpacing their peers by 322% from 1997 to 2015. Even with these impressive numbers, one of the biggest obstacles black women owned small businesses and

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