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3 New recently opened restaurants you must check out in the Bay Area

The Bay Area food scene has truly evolved into something incredibly, amazing! Black Chefs are trailblazing the culinary industry with unique cuisines, from vegan, to soul food to farm-to-table freshness! Check out 3 Black owned recently opened restaurants! Vegan Mob Chef Toriano Gordon has "whipped up" our favorite soul food and barbecue, into vegan "delicious-ness"! Ladies and gentleman, introducing, Vegan Mob. Vegan Mob uses plant-based, healthy ingredients, but without missing out on flavor. Voodoo Love Chef Tirzah Love, turned personal chef, caterer, now restaurant owner, recently opened Voodoo Love in San Francisco's Sunset district. Foodie's who love creole c

What 'social impact' truly means to our organization

Many of you may not know it but, I am an Oakland native. It was important to me to create a company that didn't just "simply exist", but one that leads with values that are in alignment with our company's mission. Collaboratively, we've partnered with mission-driven local businesses, leaders, and organizations to create initiatives that will impact the city of Oakland. Over the last year, we've focused much of our efforts on increasing our social impact initiatives by creating opportunities within the local community, with an emphasis on workforce development and entrepreneurship. Our corporate responsibility as an organization is to establish high impact partnerships within the Bay Area th

Top strategies for boosting business sales from large local events, festivals, and concerts

. As a business owner, we’re always looking for ways to increase visibility of our products and services. If you’re not an event planner, you may not understand what the direct benefits are for using local events to increase sales and generate revenue. Small businesses can use events as an opportunity to Raise brand awareness Promote new products and services Attract to new customers Annual conferences and large-scale events have great impact on local economies. Record attendances, lodging, transportation and food, stimulate communities, sparking a boost in revenue and sales for small businesses. The economic value and impact that conferences, and major events have on the community helps sup

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