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22 Startups to watch for in 2020

Black and Brown Founders are truly the "hidden gems" that deserves to be highlighted, supported, and funded. Here's a list of 22 startups to keep on your radar: Boddle Learning Boddle provides adaptive math practices & assessments through gaming. Children who engaging in gameplay build confidence and motivates students to learn challenging math problems. For parents struggling to find effective ways to homeschool their children, Boddle provides parents alternative support that drives student success. Hustle Clean Hustle Clean launched in January 2020 by former NFL running back Justin Forsett . Hustle Clean is a performance hygiene company delivering personal active care products. The curated

A16z’s new Talent X Opportunity Fund sets to "level the playing field" for Black and Brow

America is “burning”. The country has literally been set on fire. Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, the recent turn of events has rocked the world to its core by violence at the hand of police officers. George Floyd, an unarmed man was arrested by Officer Derrick Chauvin. Allegedly, police were called because Floyd tried to use a $20 counter fit bill at a local grocery store. After the arrest, Officer Derrick Chauvin was recorded applying his knee on the neck of Floyd, eventually suffocating him to death. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds straight George Floyd pleaded for his life, unarmed and not resisting arrest. The graphic visual is surreal to watch, yet all too fam

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