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10 Business ideas that cater to your “furry” family members

We treat them like family members, rather than simply as pets. Yes, our “furry” friends, cats, dogs, horses you name it, mean more to us than actual humans. So what if you can turn your passion for animals into a profitable, successful business? Take Jas Laverette. Born in New York, raised in Oakland, Ca. He is the founder of Cali K9, one of California’s premiere canine behavior institutes. His work with animals includes puppy training, socialization, aggressive dog rehabilitation, working dog and dog sport training. With clientele such as Vernon Davis and Steph Curry, this Bay Area trainer has certainly found his niche and so can you! In 1994, the APPA proclaimed that, Americans spent $17 b

How to properly use a "Call to Action"

“Click the link in the bio to learn how to make $10,000 from your first online boot camp”. Oh how I wish that were true for me! Notice how that title captured your attention? The idea of making $10,000 creating and or selling anything is quite tempting to hit a “follow button” or pay for the information to make $10,000.00. In marketing, a “Call to Action” is included in your ad, email, or social media post, to prompt your target audience to do something. It’s about understanding your end goal, creating a marketing strategy to execute that goal. Why do I need to use a "Call to Action"? We can't always assume that our customers or potential clients will automatically know what to do when they

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