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The key components to managing cash flow and revenue growth

Over the next few weeks, I'll be providing tips and strategies for small businesses and startups to hopefully help everyone navigate through these challenging times. Today's blog will focus on how your startup can start planning how to survive a recession today. Economists predicted an economic downturn in 2019 while echoing the impacts of a repeat 2008 global financial crisis. This would inevitably be the second recession in a 12 year period. Let that sink in. At this point, it’s either “fight or flight”. Can your business survive the recession? One thing that people who are faced with adversity knows how to do well is adapt, entrepreneurs are one of them. It’s time to start thinking about

5 Ways to stay connected to customers during self-isolation

What’s happening around the world, is impacting us all in various ways. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a ripple effect on the economy forcing businesses to shut down completely. Companies have been forced to reduce the hours of operation. Governing agencies have issued city and statewide shelter in place ordinance to encourage social distancing. Startups and small business owners that are open, still have to find a way to remain profitable and relevant. The trouble that many businesses are having is finding ways to stay connected to consumers in a way that resonates with them, while being sensitive of what’s happening around us. The effects of “social distancing” has led social media users

Adapting to market changes as a startup amid Coronavirus outbreak

Many of us entrepreneurs are probably working from home at the moment, trying to maintain our “sanity”, while keeping our businesses afloat. Others may be panicking, and rightfully so. While people are finding ways to cope with this new reality, others may be thinking “How can we adapt to the recent market changes”? The market: What changing circumstances are happening within the market, particularly those that affect various businesses? In these unprecedented times, we’ve seen companies quickly adapt to remote work, others have reduced their staff completely. High touch businesses such as restaurants and retails stores, have focused on other methods to reach customers. Restaurants are now

The Digital Marketing Productivity Hack for "Solo" Founders

Productivity: Noun- Definition: The rate at which goods are produced or work is completed Entrepreneurs want to get things done, sometimes, more than they can handle at once, within a specific time frame. Most business owners are juggling marketing, public relations, accounting, human resource, inventory management, including administrative tasks. As you can imagine, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Especially with Digital Marketing. Digital marketing plays an integral role in growing your business in the early stages. Having a digital marketing strategy enables companies to generate leads, and increase sales. How is this done? Through communication channels such as social media,

Building a Creative Agency

Are you one of the few Founders to launch the next Black owned Creative Agency? Here’s why the “culture” needs your innovative perspective. The power of influence within Black culture is undeniably strong. The popularity and importance of our influence to promote music, products and services, social media, and even social causes are hard to ignore. Black creatives and influencers have found success through niches using social media as a platform to amplify their brands. Influencer marketing is expected to reach $10 billion globally in 2020, up from $5 billion over the last 5 years. This isn’t another blog post advocating people to become influencers. I’m talking about helping individuals wit

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