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How to create your own lane as an “Infopreneur” earning six figures

How valuable is information and knowledge these days? Priceless. Information is vital to one’s personal growth and business development. Access to information leads to empowering, life changing decisions that can impact people’s lives for the betterment of their future. Think back on the number of times you were grateful for the sound piece of advice from a mentor. Or the motivational book you read while on your personal spiritual journey. The information may have helped you adopt an incredible profound, spiritual awareness that changed your trajectory. When knowledge is used effectively it can truly empower those in need. I am a firm believer that the greatest asset you can ever possess, is

Publiseer makes self-publishing for both black authors and artists a reality

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Perhaps you’ve decided that now is the time to write your memoir. We may have the answer to your “Publishing Prayers” to turn your dream into a reality! Back in the day you needed an agent to book a publisher who would then look at your manuscript prior to publishing your book. Today, writing and self-publishing a book has gotten easier with self-publishing platforms such as Publiseer. Publiseer is a digital publishing platform that allows authors to publish their work on the platform for free, while keeping their rights as authors. Publiseer’s services includes dedicated press releases for your work as well as designing marketing materials. And gu

OniriQ sets out to bring high speed internet and power to 600 million in Africa

If you said that OniriQ was on a mission to change the world 3 years ago, you’d be absolutely correct. Founded by Mohammed Sarr and Rodolphe Rosier in 2016, OniriQ creates eco-responsible solar kits that provides users with access to autonomous energy, internet and TV. OniriQ set out to bridge the gap of inaccessibility to both the internet as well as power. Some 600 million people live in the dark on the continent of Africa. Countries such as Kenya, The Seychelles, Morocco and Tunisia have the highest penetration rates of internet accessibility on the continent, averaging 67.7% to 80.0%. There are still 12 countries with a penetration rate of 1.4% to 11.7% compared to the rest of the world

Black Venture Capital firm Cross Culture scores big with Gimlet Media!

Photo Credit: Marlon Nichols Cross Culture Ventures Co-Founder Understand this folks! “Voice” is the new radio, and content creators are in huge demand! The guys over at Cross Culture Ventures clearly knows what they’re doing in this VC game! Co-Founders Marlon Nichols and Troy Carter just scored a huge win after investing into media company, Gimlet Media which was recently acquired by Swedish company Spotify . The acquisition deal is said to have closed at around $230 million dollars. What makes this acquisition such a huge deal? It’s one of the biggest acquisition deals in history for a young company such as Gimlet media. Founded in 2014, Gimlet Media is an award-winning narrative podcast

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