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Most successful businesses look for new ways to reach a larger audience, raise brand awareness, while introducing new products and or services, through collaborations with other brands. Partnering with the right brand can be mutually successful for either company.

For example; Bloggers have managed to turn their creative content into a business, while building a large platform of followers. These days, Bloggers are the most creative, innovative, powerful collaborations to consider when partnering with your brand. They typically have a large “die-hard” following with the ability to make or break your brand with a single review. They’re power has afforded them the respect of being valuable content creators while also using that creative talent to influence their followers. Today’s Bloggers are both relatable and well respected for their opinions. Makeup giants such as MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Colour Pop cosmetics have partnered their organizations with today’s most influential bloggers/content creators as a way to increase their brand’s visibility.

Event Planners are taking their creative marketing techniques to another level by collaborating with top Concierge Services, some of the nation’s most sought out Chefs, and reputable Promotional Entertainment companies. All of their services essentially go hand in hand, an event needs planning in order for it to be executed properly, while a promoter will help promote the event and bring in the right crowd for the particular event. And of course, if the events have food, a chef is always a good person to include with the co-branding. While each service functions differently, they’re common goal of providing a service is what makes the collaboration beneficial for everyone.

Business consultants, Social Media Strategists, Life Coaches, and Digital Magazine agencies have partnered with one another on initiatives such as networking brunches that empower women, to seminars that help entrepreneurs grow their business. This collaborative effort has put them in a unique position to bring valuable useful tools, tips and resources to their audience as well as placing their brands in front of people who may benefit from their services. The next time you’re thinking of ways to creatively market your brand, think about other companies who may share a common goal, service, or product as a way to collaborate your brand successfully.

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