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I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about the hottest, fastest, growing social media craze; Periscope. Periscope is a video streaming platform, owned by Twitter. Periscope recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary. According to Yahoo, Periscope has an estimated 200 Million broadcast users. Essentially users can use Periscope as their own live TV station. This allows you to interact with users who can comment or ask you questions live. The comments show up on your screen while broadcasting making it much easier to interface your audience.

From strolling through the streets of Paris on a warm, Summer night, while live broadcasting the unrest in war stricken countries. This live play by play broadcast, allows the audience to see the world through your eyes. What does this mean for your business you ask? Everything! Not only does this service allow you access to over 200 Million viewers, but an entire global community. It’s as close as users can get to you other than following you on social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Here are 7 ways to use Periscope for your business:

Host Ask Me Anything Campaigns: People love one to one interaction with brands, celebrities and entrepreneurs. An Ask me anything campaign is when the floor is open for anyone to ask anything and the Administrator answers those questions. If you can host these sessions, you will have an opportunity to establish more trust with your fans and build a deeper connection.

Exclusive Promotions: Want to share with customers about an exclusive deal that they can take advantage of? Do you have a giveaway and or contest that the users can partake in? Have your audience to tune into Periscope for Exclusive Offers and Promotions.

Live Streaming Events: If you have an event, live stream it so your fans/online community can feel as if they’re taking part in it.

New product releases: Periscope is a great way to introduce new products and it’s features. To promote the release of the product, create a marketing campaign leading up to the release date. Do a live unboxing or provide a firsthand look at the product. This will create the necessary buzz to the highlight anticipated release of the product.

Live Q&A: Live Q&A sessions are invaluable as they give you an idea of what your audience thinks of your brand, service and or products. Customer feedback is important to your business as this helps you understand the customer service experience. You can use these opportunities to engage with your audience on a personal level which gives you the chance to address pertinent issues and or problems, and helps you find ways to enhance the customer experience. It can also be used as a learning session by providing valuable, useful information to your customers.

Celebrity/Special Guests takeover: Having a celebrity endorse products and services has always increased brand visibility and essentially sales. It’s also a great way for companies to co-brand with one another. For instance, a Blogger can take over a makeup artist’s Periscope, a personal Chef taking over foodie’s account, a Life Coach taking over a branding Coaches page. Each guest will notify their following about their guest appearance hence, increasing branding visibility through Periscope.

Behind the scenes: People love seeing what goes on behind-the-scenes of their favorite brands. The first-hand look into the makings of a brand and what it takes to build an empire is fascinating. Captivate your audience with interviews and favorite moments.

Start your live streaming today and don’t forget to have fun!

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