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EBook: An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or a hand held device designed specifically for this purpose. Layman terms: An electronic book. I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite Branding Coaches, Social Media Strategists and Bloggers swear by them as they contain valuable content.

Typically, EBooks are created in a PDF Format making it compatible for all devices. It’s much easier to open a PDF than Microsoft Word, or other programs, as your images may not appear when opened or the user may not have the latest version of the program. EBooks are either offered exclusively to your subscribers or can be used as a way to build a mailing list. It’s a perfect opportunity to add a revenue stream regarding a specific subject displaying your level of expertise. Here are 9 tips on creating your eBook:

Brainstorm your ideas and or concepts. Create an outline of what topics you’d like to include in your eBook. If you’re a blogger, go back and look at your previous content as you may be able to use what you’ve already written to include in your book.

Check your Analytics Systems to determine which articles have received the best response before putting together the eBook. If you didn’t receive a favorable response from your viewers in regards to one of your articles you may not want to include them in your eBook.

Pay attention to your audience! Whether you’re building a mailing list or looking to increase revenue, it is imperative to the success of your eBook to ensure that you’re providing valuable content related to your audience. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with your following/online community to determine what information they’re interested in before creating your EBOOK.

Include a table of contents page

Choose a Catchy Headline/Title: The Goal is to attract a following. A catchy title/headline will capture their attention while the content will turn them into loyal followers.

Images: Of course, no eBook will be complete without including interesting photos. Sites like Dreamstime and Istockphoto offer royalty free images. You can certainly use your own images or hire a photographer.

Don’t forget to Proof Read! Have either a professional editor, publisher, friends or family read the eBook to ensure that there are no grammatical errors or misspellings.

How many pages does the eBook have to be? 30-60 pages is considered a “short book” however, some will argue that you can create a book with as many pages as you want. If you can get your message across in 10 pages, then go for it!How to get people to purchase the eBook to buy or download it? One of the most effective directed marketing techniques is to offer any item for a “Limited Time only”. Words like “Limited time only offer” or “Few copies left” leaves the buyer with the impression that the offer not only won’t last but procrastination will lead to them missing out on a great deal. The idea is to get your audience to “act now” rather than later.

Remember, your EBOOK can have just about anything in it, from DIY, to "how to", your recent travels, favorites places to eat, a look book with the latest trends. Good luck on creating your EBOOKS!

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