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Attitude reflects leadership: How to effectively lead by example

Attitude reflects leadership. In business, your attitude will determine how you lead. Setting the right tone will translate into every aspect of your business both internally with staff and externally with your customers, vendors and any partnerships. How important is leadership in your business?

People tend to feed off of the energy of those around them as energy is transferrable. Think about every manager you’ve encountered whether in your previous company, the times when you’ve needed to get a manager involved in a customer service dispute, whether you had a great experience or a bad one, it left an impression on you about the company’s leadership.

What kind of leader do you want to be? How will you inspire those around you?

If you’re like me and have worked in corporate America for several years before transitioning into entrepreneurship, you’ve had a chance to work with various management/leadership styles.

For example, perhaps you’ve worked in environments where you were able to thrive because that was the tone set by your leadership. Maybe it was that one manager who played a supportive role in your career by providing you with the necessary tools to succeed. Or, what about the types of management styles that didn’t work for you for various reasons? From lack of leadership skills such as, poor communication, laziness, no people skills, unapproachable, bad attitude or lack of knowledge.

It is imperative to understand how certain behaviors can set trends and essentially affect your bottom line, if you’re not careful. Poor leadership will leave your employees uninspired and miserable which will reflect in their work, your customers unhappy, while leaving you bankrupt.

There is something to be learned from your previous experiences which can be applied to your own business. Effective leadership requires consistency which should be conveyed thoroughly in the company’s policies and procedures and incorporated into the company’s vision. Are you prepared to lead by example?

It starts from the top! If respect, value, and commitment aren’t practiced throughout the company, then how do you expect for your employees to respect one another let alone the customers? Remember, you can’t set any expectations of your employees that you are unwilling to follow yourself.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your leadership skills there are plenty of courses, classes and books on effective leadership that will help you to identify your leadership skills, traits and how to apply them to your business. I’ll conclude with this. What does leadership mean to you and how important is it in your business?

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