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Let's get creative! 5 Inexpensive ways to market your business

Are you looking for creative new ways to market your business outside of social media? Here are 5 ways inexpensive ways to market your brand in your community, without breaking the bank!:

Children’s Activities:

Sponsor a summer league sports event by providing snacks, drinks or deserts. Make sure that you have some gluten free and vegan options. Ask the coaches if its ok to bring snacks to give away at the games or practices. Pass them out or set up a stand for them to come up and say hi. Don’t forget to either attach a label with your business logo on your items or, find a way to add a nice decorative way to attach your business cards.

Host a victory lunch after the game for the winners. Pass out gift bags with a little note inside congratulating the team. It’s a great way to introduce your business to potential clients, giving the impression that you’re a business who supports the community.

Children’s summer camp:

Find a children’s summer camp and ask if you can host an ice cream day. For dietary restrictions, find gluten free ice cream, low sugar products for children with diabetes. I would suggest researching the best products available, so that you can provide an assortment of flavors and cater to those who have dietary restrictions.

Summer Boot camp for adults:

Summer is finally here which means your favorite gym and fitness experts are hosting outdoor boot camps. Reach out to a fitness instructor or a yoga instructor who holds outdoor boot camps and ask them if you can bring water, fruits, or post work out snacks with your business logo and or cards attached. Either research the best post work out snacks or ask the instructor for suggestions. Yoga: Here’s a tip, print out a nice card with 5 yoga mantras listed with your business information on it.

Office/Retail space:

Have you recently leased a retail space or an office space? If so, a great way to introduce your business to your neighbors is to bring them donuts, a gift basket full of veggies or fruits from your local farmer’s market, $5.00 Starbucks cards or buy gift cards from your local coffee shop. Support another business! You can add your business card, a menu with your services listed on it, a hand written “hi, I’m your new neighbor” note with your business logo on it.

Animal Lovers:

Hey Animal Lovers! Check out this tip: purchase a few assortments of doggie treats, head over with your pooch to the dog park and hand them out with your business card attached! Not only does this give you the opportunity to market your business, it allows your pooch the opportunity to meet new friends! Do you have any inexpensive tips or ideas on how to market your business? Please comment below.

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