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9 steps to creating a Customer Service Training Program

An effective, successful training program takes a great deal of time, effort and investment however, the end result is totally worth the time and money put into the program. Depending on whom you ask, from expert strategists, to customer service consultants, there are several ways to create an employee training program. Whether you’re on a tight budget, have a limited time frame to execute and implement a training program, there are tips and resources available to help you develop a program that’s specific to your business needs.

The purpose of implementing a Customer Training Program for your business is to ensure that your business is meeting and or exceeding both productivity and profit goals. As time goes on, you’ll make changes to the program along the way. Here’s a few tips on how to get started on creating an Employee Training Program with an emphasis on customer service.

Step 1

Reintroduce the company (as you may be training new employees) and the company’s overall goals on printed material. Clearly define what the brand represents, how customer service plays an integral role into the growth of the company, while describing in detail how the new employee’s role fits into the company’s goal. The purpose is to give the employee an understanding of where the company is headed and how they’ll contribute towards that goal.

Step 2

Clearly define each member’s role with descriptions of their daily, weekly and or monthly tasks. Include Production goals, customer service related resolution goals. Here is where you’ll set the expectation of what is required of the employee. For example, explicitly detail how the employee should greet the customer, customer complaint turnaround times, number of resolutions per month or quarter, hold times and hours of operations.

Step 3

Create customer service policies, harassment, diversity, safety and other general information. Determine how you’ll deliver the information to the employee. Either through printed materials or an ECourse. If using printed materials, provide step-by step features with screen shots, on how to complete a specific task, use software, or specific job procedures.

Step 4

Create a training organizational chart handout or an excel spreadsheet that lists employee names, job titles, vendor names and contact information. List any training coordinators names and contact information. Include the dates and times of the training.

Step 5

For the best training results, pair employees with a training program that’s specific to their jobs, skills and experience. The employee will be better equipped to do their jobs with the right knowledge and training that’s specific to their position.

Step 6

Designate a training coordinator or team member to help develop and create your program, or hire a consulting agency that specializes in employee training programs, procedures and policies. Even if you hire an outside consulting agency, have one of your staff members involved with the process as they’re knowledge will help to develop a program that’s specific to your business needs.

Step 7

Training and orientation should go hand in hand and include all company safety and policy protocol.

Step 8

One of the best ways to ensure that the training program is working, is by testing, reporting, and constant monitoring. This on-going monitoring will help you find problems areas in your training program and to look for areas of improvement.

Step 9

Implement a process in which you can obtain employee feedback as to how they’re training experience was. Again, this will help with areas of improvement. Get your team involved in not just the developing of the training program but their feedback in terms of how they believe the program is working, once an employee completes the program.

Remember, test, update and remove any part of the training process to help improve the training program.

Shavaughn Baker CEO, The Corporate Concierge Group

Consulting, Coaching, Lifestyle Management, Event Services

Follow: Instagram: @thecorporateconciergegroup Twitter: @shavaughnceo @theconcorgroup

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