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Are you a Travel Agent looking for creative ways to attract new clients?

It’s no secret that the travel industry has taken off tremendously and doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down! According to the World Travel & Tourism Council Travel & Tourism is one of the fasted growing sectors worldwide: data by the World (WTTC) shows that the sector generated an estimated total of US$7.8 trillion in GDP in 2015 and supported over 284 million jobs globally.

So how can you capitalize on this growth sector? In many ways. First, if you’ve been paying close attention to your competitors, many of them are offering more personalized experiences and or services which is appealing to some travelers. You can take your level of service one step further by implementing these growth strategies:


Want to inform your customers about any upcoming festivals in countries around the world? The best time to travel to Italy? How about a Traveling Etiquette series? Blogging is another great way to provide your social media following and existing customers, with valuable, informative content. Here’s a tip: Want to know how to drive traffic to your blog and get your customer’s involved in doing so? Ask the them to guest blog about their recent travel experiences. People love to talk about themselves and this gives you somewhat of a break from creating content for your blog!


I know a Newsletter can sometimes be a lot of hard work trying to come up with content, however it’s a great way to build you mailing list. A Newsletter serves multiple purposes; to gain customers, retain customers, and to provide your list with informative content. As a Travel Agent, you can get really creative with your content, from tips on traveling abroad with children to the best places to dine in South America, or a how to back pack through Europe series.


Engagement is the key to exceptional customer service. When you have an understanding of your customer’s needs you can better serve them. You can engage with your customers in various ways. One way is to simply ask questions about their booking experience, ask what would make them use a Travel Agent vs booking a trip on their own. Have you recently booked a trip with a client? Ask your customers to take pictures of their travels, tag you in a post and repost them on your website and social media accounts. When a customer raves about their trip it gives potential customers an idea of what their booking experience would be like, should they utilize your services.

Want more tips and ideas? Book a session with me!

Shavaughn Baker, CEO

The Corporate Concierge Group

Coaching, Consulting, Lifestyle Management & Event Services


Twitter @theconcorgroup @shavaughnceo

Instagram @thecorporateconciergegroup

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