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Question: Have you ever wondered how you can combine your love for entrepreneurship and travel into a career? Maybe I can convince you why your next career move should be in the Travel & Tourism Industry.

The Travel and Tourism industry is booming and for good reason! "Right now, tourism is an $852-billion industry around the world," said Butler. "It's a $75-billion industry in Canada, and it's a $13.8 billion industry here in B.C. That's larger than agriculture, forestry and fisheries combined." GO2HR.CA. People want to experience other cultures, try new cuisines, embark on new adventures and learn new languages. Industry leaders like, Travelocity, Air BNB, including all major airlines have made traveling around the world more feasible than ever before with more affordable options.

Social media has certainly contributed greatly to those who have caught the “travel bug”. This polarizing tool has allowed users to view the world from the eyes of their favorite travel blogger. You can literally experience Paris’s busy streets, China’s Great Wall and visit the Serengeti, all on your hand held device. What if you could curate some of those experiences for eager travelers and earn an exceptional salary while doing so?

Travelers are skipping the traditional Travel Agent and opting for a unique experience instead. Why? Because there’s a great demand for personalized service in Travel and Tourism, along with a large population of travelers who are waiting to experience their favorite destinations.

The latest trend in traveling, are companies that offer personalized experiences and or services in travel and tourism. For example, Travel Noire, is a company that cultivates global experiences for Black Travelers. Top Deck creates experiences around the world for their clients who typically range in age from 18 to 30. Doctor’s Travel provides a unique travel experience for Destination Brides which includes Weddings and Honeymoons. All of three of these companies are perfect examples of how your passion for travel, innovation and creativity, can lead towards a wonderful career. Think big, think bold, and create your perfect opportunity!

Shavaughn Baker, CEO

The Corporate Concierge Group

Coaching, Consulting, Lifestyle Management & Event Services

Follow: Twitter @theconcorgroup @shavaughnceo Instagram @thecorporateconciergegroup

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